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    My name’s Jonathan. I’m looking for an obsessive young woman between the ages of 18 and 40. I live in st. louis, Missouri. I know the automatic assumption is that an obsessive woman would be someone to take advantage of, but not for me. I also have ocd. cuddles hugs kisses and clinginess are central key components of a relationship that’s right for me. the more attention and touch the better the relationship will go because I am very emotionally supportive. we could stick together like two birds of a feather. it’s totally ok if you never want to leave my side. if we like each other enough I’ll move in with you and even marry you and raise kids with you. I know this sounds like codependency bUT it’s not. more like a want for an obsessive type. I’m probably going to get black listed for putting this out there, but I’m just being honest. also this has to do with my excessive need for touch not an ego trip that’s not a valid argument against my preference. Touch helps my depression too. I know obsessive women don’t always do well in relationships but I’m like a ying to that kind of yang.


    I’m here because I want to meet other Aspies. But anyone really. I just want to branch out and see if there are people like me or just anyone I can be friends with.
    Especially if they live locally to hang out with.


    I would like to meet people who I feel a connection with, who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and who don’t pretend to be something they aren’t. I would like to feel seen and appreciated for who I am – shy, a homebody, nurturing and caring, and would like to be cared for and loved.
    I am very giving and loyal and kind. I like a sense of humour, curiosity, and open-mindedness.


    I just want friends. Life isn’t worth living alone. A lady who can introduce me to a new life would be nice.


    Hello; I completely understand what has happened to you. To be honest, I have not been very successful on the dating scene either. This is something that I have been looking forward to since middle school. I would enjoy helping you with your challenges, even though I struggle a lot.

    Buck Rogers

    I’m looking for a companion in my area. I don’t go often but I like going to casinos and movies.
    I’m 38 will be 39 this coming April and I’ve never been on a date yet, so I’m here looking for my chance.

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    I’m Fishface, 26 years old from Egypt I’m not here for dating tbh cuz my life is a big pile of camels shit and it’s not the right time to think about dating but I’m rather looking for a friend cuz I feel so alone these days and my life is getting worse, especially when suffering from mental health problems and nobody cares and when you are in a collision course with culture, tradition and religion life can be really really hard, especially in the place I’m living at right now. I thought about my life from childhood until today and I found that I had only 4 friends in my whole life and they weren’t real friends so I wanted to know what it feels like to have a friend!

    Dr. Gail

    I am looking for my best friend.


    My name is Abe, I’m 24, and I have known myself as an aspie since I was 12 years old. Originally born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I’m an aspiring disability rights activist seeking to make a difference in the world and when not working as a life skills Teacher with Autistic students or reporting on WFHB 91.3 Bloomington, I love watching all sports including Baseball (i’m a lifelong LA Dodgers Fan) and Football, Binge-watching documentaries and reading. I love old Rock music, spreading neurodiversity, watching old films, and am overall flexible!

    I’m looking for a woman who loves history, a passionate sports fan, old movies, and watching Youtube!


    Someone who loves art and can manage wealth. Someone to be my companion for the rest of the days I have to live.


    Hi, I’m here to make friends and finding a woman to love and have as my life partner because of how I am and not for how they see me or how I act. I don’t care her physical, lifestyle, thinking, her likes, if she is whealthy or from the middle class, the age preferably young(18 years and older).


    One more thing I want to say is just that I want to see honesty of that woman regardless from how painful could be.


    I would like to find lifelong Friendships, and possibly a gf/future wife.
    I have a lot of acquaintances but no one I can truly consider a friend cause in the end I don’t actually matter to them…

    IG: SpartanWaifu

    Someone kind, sweet, loving, understanding, and accepting. That’s all I really want. I’m not perfect, I don’t have everything, and I have flaws that keep me from being successful like other people my age, but I want my future lover to know that I’m trying, and is working at my own pace. Someone who is willing to see me grow and develop and not have too many expectations, who truly loves and cares about me. Isn’t that what we all want, right?


    Great thread idea, thanks.

    To be seen and understood. Real life hang outs.
    Reciprocation whether it be with friends or a partner

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 66 total)
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