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    Hey, your near me somewhere!


    Oh gawd, i hit reply on Tropical beach life’s post but this software doesn’t work like daaaaaat!


    I’m Zack from Minnesota. Nice to meet you all! What I’m looking for is friendship and if something more happens, CH-CHING!!!


    Hey Zack 👋
    Greetings from Oz 🙃


    Hi, any one from Los Angeles, on here? Looking for a kind, fun girl to date.


    Im not sure anymore. Anyone whos nice.


    My name is Gabriel Jean Renaud Vitória, and I never really have an long term relationship, would be nice if we find each other. Besides that, I’m also looking for new friends to do something together, even if means online things. Since I’m in Brazil, and the most people here are far way. But I might leave Brazil after I graduate.
    I’m very open minded to a lot subjects and also I’m autistic. So I can learn anything and adapt to get to know some new people.
    My passions are: chess, naruto/boruto, BDSM. Besides that, I like Artificial Intelligence, animes, shows, movies.
    I don’t like much talking about religion or politics because I’m don’t study those subjects deeply, but I’m open minded to learn if this subject is interesting to the person that I would be talking to.

    IG: MinimalistWeeb

    Wow, we like the same things, except bdsm, I’m not into that. The Boruto manga is sooo good!


    Wooow, you like Boruto?! Let’s be friends, then and talk about some crazy theories and whatever pass in our minds!

    IG: MinimalistWeeb

    Do you have instagram or FB? IF you’re able to message, we can add each other on there.


    I will post a quote lyrics by Richie Furay and sung by Neil Young.

    Kind woman
    Don’t leave me lonely tonight
    Please say it’s all right
    Remember once before you’re hearing
    The old folks say
    Love’s an ageless old rhyme
    But now a days you know the sayin’ depends so much on
    The kind of woman that you find

    Then we can take it from here.

    Bob from Eugene


    I’m looking for a musically talented (singing especially) eccentric and artistic soulmate (guy) who is God loving and also into nerd/pop culture stuff. Also an outgoing and understanding personality. I’m on the mild asperger’s scale. Emotional and financial stability is also a must. Also some friends who share similar interests to me (click on my profile)


    I’m looking for the girl of my dreams.

    I hope this hotlinks correctly

    I recently got back into writing short stories, although I did cheat a little with AI. Turns out Copilot is a pretty great writing assistant. Also, no worries, I’m not expecting you to be a Disney princess, lol. I’m just looking for someone I can be happy with! The short story was just my attempt at being cute. 😀

    If you happen to live in central Florida, maybe we can meet in person after talking for a little while. If not, I can friend you on Discord and we could play video games or watch anime together? I mainly game on PC. I also play DnD most Thursday evenings if you live nearby and want to watch.


    Pretty much what everyone else said: someone who accepts you for being you, affection, things to do with, to feel loved, I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I think everyone gets the idea.


    A practicing Christian man of God who understands Genesis 2, Ephesians 5:22-33, and is here to pursue his potential helpmeet. Put God first and the rest will naturally follow.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 76 total)
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