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    Let’s use this thread as a message board where you share what kind of person would you like to meet.

    What would your perfect partner be like?

    It tells a lot about you too, so maybe someone else like you will notice you here…

    Just give it a go 🙂


    I decided to sign up hoping for interacting and new friendships. I’m kevin from San Diego ca. 31. Recently found out after all these years that I found out I may have something wrong with me. But hey I feel more understanding and happy about it. Let’s see how this thing goes..


    Hi Kevin… If you are on the spectrum then there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are just different and in your own league. Just be proud of who you are.


    Hi Kevin – I second Ewould’s comment. There is nothing “wrong” with you even though it may feel that way some days. Sadly, it is not unusual to struggle with autism for years. I should know because I was fifty-seven when I finally figured it out. Now that you know what you are up against you have a fighting chance. There is life after a diagnosis.

    Feel free to reach out whenever you need to talk about things. I too want to meet other aspies.


    I’m in the same position. Having to rethink my entire life and my perspective. It’s daunting, challenging, sometimes helpful, but still scary. It is helpful that the more i read about others’ lives, the more I find in common with my own.


    I am looking for people who get me. Not being very successful on the dating scene. (One girl told me recently that I had “lied” to her because I didn’t tell her I have NLD/Aspergers before we went out. WTF?) Anyway, I thought I might make some new friends and maybe even meet a woman who understands me. Of course, that woman might be on the other side of the country. LOL. #nevereasy


    Hi. New here. I can’t find anyone in my state or near me for some reason. I’m mild aspbergers so


    Somebody who understands me and relates to me, makes me feel valued and who I can have a deep connection with as well as share inside jokes and banter with and who has a bold personality and similar interests to me. It would be great to find another foodie, somebody I can listen to good music with (I like a lot of Indie, psydub/psybient, rock/metal – but sometimes things like K-Pop are a guilty pleasure.) and somebody into anime, video games and the other geeky stuff I like. I want to feel pursued by a guy who I feel connected and attracted to which can be hard to find.

    Emotional and financial stability, honesty, chemistry and chivalry are all very important to me. I like a guy to provide for me and to have a bond that feels secure, to feel he wants to see me happy and so I feel motivated to try and offer that in return but as I’ve mentioned it’s not just about that, but also depth and how well I vibe with that person too.

    I could probably do with friends as well as it’s difficult for me as somebody on the spectrum to just go out and make those connections. I can also be a bit difficult to get close to online and tend to be quite introverted and enjoy a lot of alone time but putting myself out here anyhow in case something great does happen and I can felt that connection that I would love to have.

    This probably sounds a bit soppy or maybe I sound quite high maintenance, sorry, haha, but you know.


    Somebody who makes me feel loved. Somebody as loyal and as eccentric as I am, who really tries to understand me. Somebody who won’t dismiss the things that are important to me and who doesn’t try to make me feel terrible about myself. Somebody who wants to try new recipes together…. Even if it turns out terribly so we end up just getting a pizza.
    But most importantly, somebody who wants to make me as happy as I want to make them.


    someone that has autism too. so that we can both relate to each other. and a girl that would love to bike ride or play games with me. someone that understands that even though im shy at talking to new people. they can still understand me and love me like i want to love them. anyone ever seen the show atypical? even though paige can be a bit annoying. i still really like her. and i feel like she would be the kind of girlfriend i want.


    I’m mainly looking to make new friends that can relate to being like me in someways. I am not ready for a romantic relationship at this time, but later I maybe, and figure meeting new friends will help in my daily life, since I prefer to stay home alone or go places with my son and granddaughter. I find it difficult to meet new people that I am able to have a good conversation and make a connection to. It seems to be one or the other.

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