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My name’s Jonathan. I’m looking for an obsessive young woman between the ages of 18 and 40. I live in st. louis, Missouri. I know the automatic assumption is that an obsessive woman would be someone to take advantage of, but not for me. I also have ocd. cuddles hugs kisses and clinginess are central key components of a relationship that’s right for me. the more attention and touch the better the relationship will go because I am very emotionally supportive. we could stick together like two birds of a feather. it’s totally ok if you never want to leave my side. if we like each other enough I’ll move in with you and even marry you and raise kids with you. I know this sounds like codependency bUT it’s not. more like a want for an obsessive type. I’m probably going to get black listed for putting this out there, but I’m just being honest. also this has to do with my excessive need for touch not an ego trip that’s not a valid argument against my preference. Touch helps my depression too. I know obsessive women don’t always do well in relationships but I’m like a ying to that kind of yang.