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    I am very open for suggestions for this site so feel free to discuss any idea you have to improve this site.



    I have yet to explore all bits of the site, but one tine detail keeps bugging me. The link to the Forum in the main menu is just an anchor link (#) 🙂



    Good point. I’ve fixed it right away. 🙂




    Whenever I try to private message someone, the site just dumps me into my own profile page. Also, I need to change a detail on my profile and add a pic or avatar, and I can’t figure out how



    Hi Sarah,

    The message-centre is located in your profile. This is by default by the software that I use.

    You van alternatively open a new window by clicking on “private message” while you hold down the ctrl-key (cmd on mac). Then you get a new window or tab where you can write your message which you can close again afterwards.

    Your profile you can change here:
    Your profile photo here:

    I have changed your profile pic for you by the way. I saw you had uploaded it to your album.

    You can change all these details on your profile. Just scroll down in your profile. There you see the first tab which is called “activity” and the next one is “Profile”. It is there where you need to be.




    Phoenix Anastasia

    I can’t seem to edit my profile, apart from the image. I don’t want to search only among people of one particular orientation, but “Straight” is what’s selected at the moment. I also have a typo I’d like to correct, but that’s less important.

    EDIT: Sorry, nevermind. I just saw the post above and used the same advice.



    Hi Phoenix. Welcome to start with. 🙂

    In your profile you scroll down a bit until you see “activity”, “Profile” “Notifications” and so on… there you select “profile”. then you get to a new screen with “view” “edit” “profile pictures”… You press edit there. Then all the profile fields should come up for you to edit. I will PM you with a direct link too. 🙂

    Greetings, Ewoud



    Hi Ewoud,

    Firstly, I’d like to express my appreciation for your efforts. I look forward to watching how this site grows.

    I’ve only been using the site for an hour or so and aside from some general weirdness with how Chrome on iOS handles forms, my only problem has been with the granularity of the member search function.

    Limiting my search to the United States isn’t functionally different than just searching the whole planet. As interesting as that pretty young woman in Florida might be, she may as well be in Australia. Hell even just searching Texas (which I currently cannot do from what I can tell) isn’t all that helpful.

    All of the major dating sites allow you to search for people within ten or fifteen miles.

    Keep up the good work!



    Hi and thanks for your message and appreciation… 🙂 Haha… You are totally right. I am from a small country and didn’t think about that. I’ve added it to the search function. I would advice you to change your state from TX to Texas…There is only one other member there, at last one that wrote Texas. Standard state selection is a bit of a pain because I would basically have to mak forms for all provinces in the whole world. I a not autistic enough to do that. 😉

    I am experimenting with a plugin on another site. With that you can visualise on a map. I will see what I can do with this site with that.

    Thanks again,


    PS… If you like the site then it wouldn’t hurt to post a link on som boards or places you frequent that are fitting the niche. If people start doing that than that is the way we can grow fast. 🙂 Google will also pik up on it and bounce this site up to the first one.



    Standard state selection is a bit of a pain because I would basically have to mak forms for all provinces in the whole world.

    It is, but it has been done before… and by that I mean that you really shouldn’t *have* to redo it all yourself. I’m assuming you’re not coding from scratch (the site has a Joomla-esque CMS feel to it). I would think that someone already provides that solution, at least for larger countries such as the U.S. and Canada.

    The postal code based proximity search stuff may even be available.



    I am using wordpress. There is no standard profile fields solution to it. I had to pump all the countries in the database myself… But… There are options…

    I’ll tell you about something I’ve put in motion just now. A google plugin in which you can set your location by IP or GPS and/or which picks up your location from the profile fields that would ideally be filled out by automatic google suggestions to the point of province/state and city. It also adds proximity searches. Google verification via mx-records (to identify me as the site owner just to make sure all is safe and legit) is needed but takes a while. I have set up the record for it but it can take 72 hours before the DNS is updated so that I can test further. The thing is that it is a bugger to implement so I thought to wait a bit with that until the site had grown some more but your message compelled me to put some priority to it.;)

    The header is not called “suggestions for the site” for nothing 😉



    Sounds promising! Thanks again for all of your hard work!



    I do my best 🙂



    Location and proximity search has been implemented. Now people only need to pin their location in their profile 😉



    I am a new member and I’ve managed to set my profile up with reasonable ease (kudos to you for that), but I seem to be having problems using the member search feature. It is probably something I’ve done, but even when I leave the search parameters empty or just fill one in, I’m being told there are no members fitting my criteria. Do I have to fill in every single search option or can I just have a friendly browse to get my bearings? Thanks 🙂

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