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    Carlos Henrique

    Hi, my name is Carlos Henrique, I’m brazilian, 30 years old, graduated in History, still living with my parents.

    I was diagnosed Asperger adult, altough I did treatment since my childhood, I’ve studied all my life in a regular school (public), started to work at 23 years by a affirmative action.

    I like to talk about Human Sciences, Pop Culture, Sports.

    I’m interested to date a girl/woman (Aspie or not), I think the time is now. I never had a serious relationship, maybe for shyness, so I want to know: there are here on the site someone interested to sharing experiences? My Facebook account link:


    Hi Carlos,

    I must admit you are coming on a little too strong. From personal experience, it makes people more comfortable when you try to become friends first and then have that friendship transform into a romantic connection.

    I learned that the hard way.

    Take it from someone who is also very direct: gradual and natural make people be more capable of giving you a chance. Unless their objective is to simply have a sex partner then straight to the point is a good option.

    Just think about it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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