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Thanks for sharing, encouragement for others :)… I only just really realised I wasn’t merely blunt but that girls can have asperger’s recently and I’m 38!! Anyway I watched Tony Attwood speaking on Girls and Aspergers recently and recognised my entire life to a T right there. Was extremely liberating to realise hey I really AM bonafide different…my brain works completely differently to the majority of people! So anyway I don’t really feel a need to a get an official diagnosis – just a few hundred dollars down the drain and I don’t see that it will make any difference this late in the game…My mother also recognised my entire life right there in Tony’s presentation even some of my friends did as there were examples like directly lifted out of my life…besides not collecting potato mashers, lol.

I think the most challenging part of being female aspie is that as women we can come across fairly socially adept/normal even charming compared to the stereotypically known male aspie and people EXPECT all the normal female stereotypes…and don’t deal well when their expectations very quickly come crashing down as they get to know us past the initial meeting. Have to say though at this stage of my life I am pretty comfortable being in my own skin aspieish and all…but I have to make a conscientious effort to reign my natural tendencies in just for the good of others sensitivities as an act of loving consideration…

Occasionally though I will just let the aspie out full force when I get tired of tiptoeing, but only from time to time 😉

I learnt a lot of women only realise they are aspie at my age when suddenly all the close (mostly male) friends got married and settled down and then you realise oh, actually I don’t get along with most women so much because I don’t share many of their interests and not understanding or responding to their emo aspect well always gets me into trouble so it is actually more stressful to be friends with most non aspie females than it to be friends with males.

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