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Hi Wendin!

Those are very nice points! Thank you. I can talk about these points by experience. I have some coping strategies for the last one too but they only extend the exposure tolerance. There is however always a point where the situation gets too overwhelming. But lasting longer is already a big plus. I can already tell that it is fairly simple. Noise canceling head phones and 4 supplements that help the dopamine levels, lower anxiety and heal the inflammation of the amygdala. L-Theanine, Butyric Acid, St. Johns wort (only when you aren’t asthmatic or on oral contraceptives) and Lactobacillus Reuteri. But I can talk more about that too. It helps really a lot. Also turmeric or other supplements that fight inflammations are helpful in situations that are overwhelming. This because of the amygdala and other brain regions being inflamed and extra sensitive. Another thing that helps is a pet or a lovely human that gives love… Oxytocin is one of the biggest healers… But those are all things that I can go into as youtube topics

Thanks again! D

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