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Hi, is this other person a friend? After a new attack of a scammer I thought of blocking all messages to non friends. So that the routine would be friends first and then messages after the request is accepted.

This Is also to keep the women in mind.

Most women get a lot of messages from men, some so many that they get overwhelmed. When it is restricted to messaging to friends only then that is also out of the way and will the messages be noticed too.

If this (not being friends) isn’t the case in your case then I would like to know more about your problem. If it is the case then I’ll change the notification to something clearer and try to bake it stronger into the site. This site is only a side project next to many other things. I’ll have to find some time for that.

Anyway. I hope this helps, if not then I’ll try to help further. 🙂

Also wishing you a nice day.


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