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Sensory overload is real and many aspies have different triggers. It would be a good idea to self identify on these types of issues before dates, because it can be a deal breaker for many people. I am sensitive to sirens, bright lights, crowded rooms, high pitched noises (even voices), and my energy level only goes to a middle level. I also have hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain). All of these things can cause horrible dates, so if I ever start going on dates again, this is something I would probably begin to discuss before plans were made. Many aspies or nervous NTs also sweat when encountering new people and places, but eventually it subsides so don’t think anything of it. You may be tempted to wear perfume or cologne, but that is a bad idea because many people are sensitive to strong smells. Maybe, give it a test when first meet the person to see if they like the smell. Lavender can be nice. On a personal note, I prefer females that don’t put on too much make-up. From my understanding, it is meant to complement your facial features not to overpower them. Good luck making new friends everyone.