Neurotypicals are the species of non autistics. 

They come in all sizes and shapes. They never seem to get tired in peopely places. They can change topics in one second. They tolerate lots of noise, bright lights or something on their skin unless it’s very obviously standing out times 100. 

NT’s generally like to say what sounds good instead of what sounds true. They have, because of that, often a remarkable high tolerance for bs. They even like to talk about things only for the sound of it. Small talk it is called, and it is kind of a mating dance for acceptance to them and they are often very good at it.

The species of NT’s likes to eat and wear something different every day. They are comfortable without steady routines and rituals. For them something small happening to them is actually something small. They can act totally differently in different situations. They are highly adaptable social actors and their roles don’t seem to exhaust them.

NT’s are of an entirely different species. There are many nice and not so nice sub categories of them (just like the spectrum species).

NT’s really have a brain that processes things differently, which makes at times communication hard with them. But most of them aren’t unwilling in doing their best to understand, which is something coming from their heart. 

If we also do our best to understand them, then we can meet in a place which is called tolerance, care and love and at that place we both can learn greatly from our differences.


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