Asperger Dating – Love and friendship on the spectrum

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[kleo_h3][kleo_colored_text color=”#F00056″] is a dating site for people with Asperger / ASD and it is affordable. [/kleo_colored_text] [/kleo_h3]

[kleo_h3]We know how much easier it is to connect to someone with similar traits and how valuable that is so we’d like to bring you together.[/kleo_h3]

[kleo_h3][kleo_colored_text color=”#F00056″]Aspie Singles is clean and simple. All features are for free for women and only 5$ (recurring for $2) a year for men (or 20$ for a life time membership).[/kleo_colored_text][/kleo_h3]

[kleo_lead_paragraph]Joining us is easy![/kleo_lead_paragraph][kleo_button url=”register” style=”standard” size=”large” round=”radius” icon=”0,before” target=”_self”] Simply click this blue button[/kleo_button][/kleo_one]
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[/kleo_one][/kleo_call_to_action][/kleo_section][kleo_section centered=1 border=1][kleo_row] [kleo_one][kleo_h2] Why [kleo_colored_text color=”#F00056″][/kleo_colored_text][/kleo_h2][kleo_lead_paragraph] It’s a daily challenge for us to feel safe and understood. And even though there is a number of dating sites for people with high functioning autism, most of those are expensive pay-sites where you have to dish out $25-30 a month for the same or even less features than those on! [/kleo_lead_paragraph]


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