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    Since most of us have Autism/Asperger’s, I think I can safely say that we can all relate to stories of Autistic people struggling to find the perfect partner. Everyone here, I predict, has had a few leads we thought were going well, but ultimately, go nowhere because our interest already has a partner, or we don’t fit their “standards”. Personally, I’ve had this happen 2 or 3 times already, and it’s starting to get annoying…but yet I keep going. I have such a strong desire to find a partner to spend time with that it’s almost like my failures don’t even matter.

    What about you? Do you have similar feelings? Or have you given up on finding a loving partner? Maybe we can find a solution for everyone to find the perfect match…let’s start a discussion.


    I only found out i have Asperger’s relatively recently and was in a relationship. Now i’m not and I think I would like to meet someone who also has Asperger’s and i’m glad that there are sites like this.


    Well, I have similar feelings, but I will give up until I find my future partner and wife(although I am also satisfied with having that woman that i know as a girlfriend at least), no matter what,in middle school I had a crush with a classmate once but she told me that she did not want a boyfriend in that time although at least I have her as a friend, the same thing happened with another classmate but that has not stopped me from continuing to look for a girlfriend and future wife.


    I think for everyone here on this site the desire is quite potent. We search, we hope…but ultimately, I have found in my near 40 years of life now that in the 21st century it is incredibly difficult to find anyone who can even remotely relate to people like us, even our own “kind.” 🙂

    Standards are too high, too unrealistic, and then you toss in the weirdness of what genders are being taught these days in addition to people not being serious enough to actually make a difference when it comes down to seeking someone (ex. not having signed on to the dating site in over a month), the chances have been lowered even more than what is supposed to be natural. Not trying to be purposefully negative or anything…just being realistic, and these are things that even “normal” folk have to contend with. Could they imagine just how much harder it is for aspies like us who don’t understand even 50% of what normal people have going on inside their heads?

    And what makes it suck even more…is that most of us are indeed better than a lot of “normal” people out there, and yet they’ll end up with the worst kind of trash while superheroes like us carry on in our lonliness and depression. Sorry if this comes across as egotistical or something…but I think highly of our kind. Most of us are geniuses in some fashion, and we annoyingly get passed up by ignorant “normies” who wouldn’t know value if it jumped up and bit them in the rears. Just saying.


    It’s very difficult especially for men when there are more of us and less women available who are using dating sites. Take into consideration all of the men who are trying to message one woman and you realize how painful it is for a guy to find a woman as a romantic partner. Women will automatically filter out the men she perceives as lesser.


    As I’ve been struggling to find someone that I connect with on various levels, it seems to be very difficult. I don’t understand why because I’m an easygoing guy and I like to treat my dates the best as I can. I have no expectations other than hopefully laughing and enjoying each other’s company by good conversation and a good time.

    I seem to be hitting a wall and I’m not getting any responses. I don’t get it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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