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    While lack of empathy is obviously very common in humans ,I doubt that the percentage of people lacking empathy is significantly different among different,large groups of people,each with common traits mostly unrelated to having empathy.


    No joke my official ASD report say I lack empathy all I could do is laugh for a asd psychologist to write something so absurd is frankly insane and I was assessed back in 2015.


    I don’t know if it the would is fucked mentality I have but I often laugh in inappropriate situations and get called a heartless basted all the time so does that me I have no empathy ore have I given up? I don’t know.


    For me it would be my inability to see how my words affect other people. I grew up not knowing my own emotions, (alexithymia) so it is difficult to know how others feel. I think this is perceived as lacking empathy. If I find out I have hurt someone, I genuinely feel bad.

    I assume also that learning earth shattering information affects others the same as it affects me. I am very stoic and can pursue information wherever it leads without getting emotionally invested mostly. And understanding leads to very dark places sometimes. Some people dont want to understand reality. That was a hard pill to swallow as an adult. The online scientific community was my savior.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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