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    Hello everyone before 5 hours of post I started project ignite officially as leader and game designer of the what we aim we aim these things writes below.
    -in first phase of project adapting at least most 2000-2008 pc games to debian and other debian derivates like ubuntu
    -in second phase we target adapting 2009-2014 games
    -this project wont be finished even we adapt 2015-2020 games we will continue adapt windows software to linux for everyone
    -say people to you dont have to use windows
    We need someone who is have a knowlege at all of branchs or some or one of them;
    -game design
    -game engines
    -communication and advertising
    -technical support
    -coding (knows python and c++ and other languages optionally) is anyone interested please message me and we communicate with whattsap and discord.twitter our facebook group and instagram is for anouncements of progress about project and only leader of project and communication and adversiment department of project can interfere with these platforms except whatssap and discord these are open everyone in project and even allows unreleated chat in group for one condition its dont exaggerate it instead of this condition you can chat freely and state ideas freely and participate to project and decisions democraticly and freely.only members can join our groups our adresses are;
    -whatssap:+90 0545 652 21 33
    -Discord tag:2955
    -facebook utku kot
    Add me and I will add you to groups and give you details and future events and progress will announced from these platforms
    Have a nice day

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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