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    Send me a message if you would like 🙂




    hi windrunner. I’m not a thoughtful aspie man, but I’m looking for the same thing. actually I’m eager to chat with ANYONE who is thoughtful, who thinks deeply about things. am so tired of superficial yak-yak.


    Hi my name is David. I am a kind thoughtful as pie man who has been looking for a place to meet woman and simply people more like me. I really enjoy talking on the phone and making friends.


    Hello. We can ponder the mysteries of our environmental factors. Do you like science and cartoons? We could talk about giant stars, planets, supergiant stars, black holes, the space-time continuum, and other things. We can talk about games and cartoons. Like ed edd n eddy, courage the cowardly dog, fairly odd parents, my life as a teenage robot, ect. We can talk about movies such as limitless, the matrix, wall-e, Inside Out, and others. Other topics may include chemistry and organic chemistry. Things such as butane, cyclohexane, benzene, 1-propanol, fluorenol, propylene, fluorescein, ect. I am thoughtful and sweet.


    Whilst I am not strictly an aspie (my diagnosis was a higher-functioning form of autism), those whom know me consider me to be a polite and courteous individual.

    If anyone is interested in speaking to me, please do not hesitate to send me a message.


    I am interested in talking about how you get along with others at work for starters. As I find my workmates often rude and ignorant, I have given up trying to be in their social group. I am higher up on the aspie scale, but have been caught multiple times with aspie behaviors, which I try to hide. When my pain level goes up, my ability to hide my true self is diminished. I am learning that it is better to be yourself and realize that difference is good in a world filled with copy cats. I am interested in conflict management, science, politics (to some degree), education reform, pharmaceuticals (my work environment), health issues, and technology. I am hoping to get a Masters Degree in Data Analytics when I get healthier. Two courses down so far. My body has been hit pretty hard by working labor jobs over the last 5-7 years and playing sports into my 20s such as baseball/softball, hiking, and basketball. I have pain issues, which are slowly getting better since my tailbone was removed. My current job has the triple threat of labor, desk, and some non-personnel management responsibilities as well. Hoping to stop doing labor part of it.

    My workplace
    My LinkedIn

    Spencer David

    A Little about myself….


    My Name is Spencer. I am from New Jersey, but, I also spend my time abroad in the Cayman islands. I am an independent screenwriter (of Both TV & Features). Currently, I am a student, working towards a paralegal certificate. Through my Paralegal certification, I hope to forward myself towards my true career as an independent Screenwriter/Filmmaker. To be able to traveling the world making Entertainment in many different locals. I am a writer of Numberless Genres, (not mutually exclusive to one). Ever since I saw STAR WARS, at 4 or 5, I’ve been inspired to make movies. I am a ferocious reader and Film viewer (of numberless genres of both). I am a Lifelong lover and activist for/of animals. I am Little Shy but once you get to know me and I you, (the shyness slowly fades). I am looking for friendship, pen pals, and great conversation. If it feels or leads to Romance GREAT! 🙂

    I am trying to find Friends with a few mutual similarities because it makes it things little easier (at least to start things off). Without being in the cold, not knowing a lot that allows for a connect to another person. I looking to make friends after closes friends left me behind, moving on. I want friends that can last, “if not forever”, for many many, many, many, many, many, more to years to come! Anyone else here: a writer, vegan, or both? Any favorite books, films, writers, writing, screenwriters? What are you currently watching reading etc?

    Want to talk Entertainment (movies/tv, old & new), Screenwriting, Books, in general, History, and more. Looking forward to great conversations, possible friendships, and…possible Romance if it comes to that? I am currently reading: THE STAND by STEPHEN KING. Watching movies, No series at this moment, saw Dunkirk recently. Best WAR MOVIE I’ve seen. So true and realistic nearly brought me to tears with the true sense of the horror of war!

    Some Favorite things: TUNER CLASSIC MOVIES (TV Station), Classic Movies/New Movies (the 30s onwards, Writing (Screenplays & TV Projects), Reading, Listening to (Music & Podcasts), Studying History, Watching TV (HBO, NETFLIX, AMAZON). Favorite Shows: MONK, PSYCH, POIROT, (to name a few). Youtubers (Boogie 2988, DAZ GAMES, Lessons from the screenplay etc.)

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