I'm looking for a girlfriend. Does anyone want to be friend?

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    Hi everyone.Firstly Sorry for my bad english.I want be only friend with aspie girl,I don’t like dating.I prefer friendship with muslim . christian and jewish girls.I’was diagnosed with asperger when I’am 7 years old.I accept everyone as they are.I don’t try to change anyone.because I believe that everyone will change by their own will.
    i hate oppression and oppress someone.I respect and accept everyone.even if people doesn’t accept me and hate me.I also like be friends with people who are different from me but I want aspie girlfriend because I usually don’t get along with normal people.normal people don’t care about me anyway generally and most of my friendship with normal people ends.because they usually want to fit me into the pattern they want.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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