Hello I am looking for female friend.

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    Hi,everyone I am looking for female friend who is;
    -Loyal to me and understands me
    -Doesn’t tries change me
    -Also messages me too,İf I am only one who send text except replies I feel lonely.
    -Finally She isn’t a scam.
    I am such like person who are;
    -Hate small sounds like finger sharpening and result of a contact with this sounds my brain overheats and I get a bluescreen after my brain gets damaged and my brain and brainwawes get unstable.
    -I will obsesed with moral codes and when I think I did something rude to someone I always appologize.
    I dont have a premium membership and I cannot pay for now because for that I paste my e mail to down

    Monika Jacob

    Hello AspieBoy! I am Monika Jacob from London, United Kingdom. I’m a web developer at dissertation proposal writing service living in London, UK. I am a fan of writing, travel, and food. I’m also interested in movies and education. I want to be your friend, I hope this message reach you well and we can be friends.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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