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    this is something I did a lot and when I found out about being on the spectrum it totally made sense.

    I have always been big into playing video games. I spent a ton of time playing them, maybe too much, growing up. there was a time when I went over to a kids house who had an NES. he had Super C which had recently come out at the time(totally dating myself). I played that single player while this kid and another kid who had came over watched. I beat the game on my first time playing it ever. after that I kept playing other game he had, not paying attention to the kid at all. eventually he went to have dinner. I didn’t go with him and kept playing. eventually my mom came and got me and I went home. I didn’t say anything to the kid as all I cared about was having an opportunity to play video games.

    on another occasion when I was in middle school a kid from school had a sega genesis. he would play with me for a while and then he would get bored and go do something else. he would go have dinner and i’d still be playing. my parents didn’t come get me this time as when I was done playing i’d just walk out saying nothing. I don’t think they cared.

    there’s lots of other odd stories related to this in my past. what are some odd social things that you have done in your life that you would totally contribute to being on the spectrum?

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