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    No luck with OKcupid or POF. All the women want guys who are financially successful, goal and career oriented, etc. Very hard for an aspie on disability to measure up to all that. Also I’m bisexual, so I get categorically dismissed. Maybe my profile just sucks.


    I mainly went to places to find someone to talk to and to eventually make a friend. I went on Hi5, Badoo, and Twoo.
    There, men jump at women like dogs in heat. I received so many dick pics. I also tried the chatting system in the online games I play including Minecraft servers. I even became a moderator in one of the servers due to my activity and willingness to help out. I stuck to my goal which was to force myself to talk to other humans to help me improve with my ability to communicate. It has never been easy but I have always been honest and straightforward. I am very clear that I just want to make friends but some people are terrible listeners or simply don’t want to understand.
    I must say that I did meet my significant otter in Twoo. He thought my profile was funny and we began chatting. He enjoyed the fact that we talked like friends about our interests and we grew fond of each other. He is now my fiance and we have been together for 2 years.


    This is my first Aspergersite. I am on diffrent normal dating sites but everywhere is kind of just pay and a lot of fake profiles.
    I am Emilian Mihali and new to this site. Kind of heavy to get an upgrade i don´t have paypal and i rather prefer netbanking.


    Holy sh*t this is depressing.. I’m gonna keep trying had awful dates with awful people but will not give up


    I’ve tried POF and meetme. Very little luck over the years. Hopefully that changes with a site consisting of people like myself.


    Ive tried other dating sites. I’ve gotten no where regardless of site.
    Plenty of Fish

    I think the whole personal ad thing is designed to fail and make you continually come back for more.. giving ever more money to the dating site. A big part of the problem is that Women get far more messages than men and especially the more attractive ones are like kids in a candy store. They get pickier and pickier and many of the guys just aren’t up to snuff for them. But mainly, I have the feeling that it all revolves around profile photos. If you don’t like the persons looks you move one.. and ditto with the women. One could be a perfectly fine catch, but if you aren’t physically attractive enough (in the other person’s eyes)your chances are slim. Add in a lack of money and your chances decrease further still. Both genders tend to be rather materialistic.


    oh and here is yet another problem with dating sites. The women are often hundreds of miles away. I just got a friend request from some one.Excited, I accepted. Then I find out she is in.. Afgahnistan!! Good grief. Like I could ever meet someone on the other side of the world!!!


    I had a bad experience on earlier today, which led me to search elsewhere. I found this site through Reddit.


    You have a good point
    Well depending on what kind of person she or he is
    Eventually someday you can meet 😉
    At least that’s what I can say is a part of my personality


    Why is the most popular online dating app Tinder, I hear, contained with fake and catfish profiles? Like, how can somebody meet a real, honest person on Tinder? Is OK Cupid any better? If Tinder wants to market itself in the fashion of being the most popular dating service, they should be the most loyal and responsible one to attract even aspies to if they aim to attract it to any human being looking for a partner. Tinder should use algorithms to remove fake, disturbing profiles from its service like catfish ones.


    I’ve been on eHarmony 2 yrs now. Most times they send matches with nothing in common, I do not drink, not interested in spending days chasing balls on a golf course or getting sunburnt on a boat so most I just hit delete. The few that “may” share common interests I will click a smile face, then it’s up to them to respond; most don’t. The few that do, after a few notes back and forth most drop off the radar and just disappear, and the few phone conversations I’ve had, well I guess they just weren’t right for me, either I or they didn’t care to continue talking again. I hate talking anyway, I’m not a big talker, plus I am always doing something so they have to realize I am not sitting on my duff while talking.

    eHar site seems to only be geared for extroverts who “love people” and as soon as I see “I’m a people person” I hit delete on that suggested match, because I know they will get on my nerves and talk my ear off. I am typing alot of words here right now, but I type fast. I get “peopled out” just from dealing with them at work. It is just too draining hearing people bitch and complain all day, or have these self centered ego maniacs that expect everyone on the planet to kiss their ass…yes, I get real sick of people at times. By the time I drive home after work the last thing I want to do is talk on the damn phone chit-chatting about nonsense & bullshit. My days off I love shutting the cell phone OFF for peace and quiet. Love running the zero-turn mower, woodwork machinery or skid steer…not only to be creating something but no one can bug me! 🙂

    I tried Match years ago, seemed like a meat market. I don’t know why I even bother to keep trying, the entire internet dating experience can be summed up in one word…”DISAPPOINTING” which is why I decided to try this site that I just stumbled onto today. Well, I apologize if I sound like a grump, I am not, in fact I love humor, love laughing and want more of that in my life. My pets make me smile all of the time, as do Seinfeld reruns or 3 Stooges pie fights.

    It is an odd scenario I suppose, I am a loner, that wants to meet someone that is also a loner, so I won’t be alone…too funny, right? I am learning as I go, always knew I was different, an extreme introvert some said, but yes, I am an Aspie!


    it doesnt even work for thar either


    Is there anyone on this dating site that lives in Melbourme Australia, everyone is either USA or uk.


    I am new here and from what you guys talk about, I think this site is the best so I am hoping to make the best out of it. Guys feel free to message me, I am eager for my first date…Cheers


    Nice to hear, I hope this site brings you what you are looking for.


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