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Why I Couldn’t Fully Appreciate Pokémon Silver

I used to think that the generation II Pokémon games got too much hype. Sure, I liked how Cyndaquil, the starter I chose, evolved into the honey-badger inspired Typhlosion which has awesome speed and special attack. However, I thought that the game wasn’t designed well when you have a hard time making the grass starter Chikorita viable in this game. The game seemed to lack personality to me and therefore I thought that the Kanto region was included in the games so fans can give this game some hype for the nostalgia and the fact that it is the only game in the series with a second region. My explanation for the lack of personality revolves around the game’s gym leaders, villains, and rivalry. However, my eyes were opened once I watched Tamashii’s review of the Gen II games (

To me the gym leaders in Johto just specialize in types not covered by the gym leaders in Kanto and don’t seem to have any personality. What made the Gym Leaders in Kanto appealing is that each of them stands out from the trainer classes scattered throughout the region who use the Pokémon of the same typing. Most of the Johto Gym leaders on the other hand feel nothing more but a big source of experience points needed to level up my Pokémon so I can progress further through the game. I can remember their names, but I can’t remember anything specific about their personalities or how they incorporate Pokémon power into their lives. The only particular member of the Gen II Elite Four I liked was Karen, because I enjoy her outlook that trainers should use the Pokémon they like instead of Pokémon that are just strong. The game does have a good balance between fighting Team Rocket and your Rival and progressing through the game by earning gym badges. I didn’t really like Team Rocket’s motivation of attempting to call back their leader with the Goldenrod Radio Tower and I didn’t like how the Rival’s crime of stealing a Pokémon from Elm’s Lab is passed over without any detrimental punishments. However, after picking up the game one more, I noticed small details that I left out when reflecting on this game regarding the Pokémon, trainers, legendaries, and other stuff scattered throughout the region.

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