Reply To: Do you actively seek out a romantic relationship?


Hello. I am now seeking a girlfriend for the first time since 1999. My marriage is over but my wife (nt) and i currently still living together separately if that makes sense? We have 3 boys 10 and under. It’s complicated. I was diagnosed recently aged 46 with ASD (aspergers). I joined this site as i think ideally aspies ought to be together. Logical love we both understand. Descriptive and explanatory. I imagine you may know the kind? I would like to chat with and meet a nice female aspie with whom a relationship can be realistic and enlightening. I have much love in my heart but make an arse of things verbally on occasion. I am kind, work hard and am a very good devoted father. Look me up if you want to chat. I would like that a lot. Craig.

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