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I mainly went to places to find someone to talk to and to eventually make a friend. I went on Hi5, Badoo, and Twoo.
There, men jump at women like dogs in heat. I received so many dick pics. I also tried the chatting system in the online games I play including Minecraft servers. I even became a moderator in one of the servers due to my activity and willingness to help out. I stuck to my goal which was to force myself to talk to other humans to help me improve with my ability to communicate. It has never been easy but I have always been honest and straightforward. I am very clear that I just want to make friends but some people are terrible listeners or simply don’t want to understand.
I must say that I did meet my significant otter in Twoo. He thought my profile was funny and we began chatting. He enjoyed the fact that we talked like friends about our interests and we grew fond of each other. He is now my fiance and we have been together for 2 years.

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