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Welcome Essie, I recently discovered I have Asperger’s as well. It was a difficult journey for me as well since my former doctors were treating for everything but Asperger’s. But at least I know now and my life makes much more sense. Most people have never even heard of Asperger’s. I myself have never heard of it until a therapist brought it up a couple of years ago. Consequently, most people do not understand or cannot relate to Asperger’s. This is why I started this thread. Having Asperger’s has lead me to a lonely life. I had many college friends with whom I have lost contact. I found making new friends difficult. I have become so self conscience over the years, that when I do meet someone new, I become very nervous and the situation becomes awkward. In any case, I am at the beginning of the learning curve. So now I have a starting point, that is, managing my anxiety. Most people regard me as a nice person but quiet and reserved. But I feel that I am more than that.

Well I am glad that you replied to this thread. The activity here is not as vibrant as I had hoped, but it’s a start. I have to admit that I haven’t spent the amount of time here as I should. I have yet to complete my profile. In any case, feel free to reply and become active. Loneliness can be tough. I believe humans are social creatures by nature. And maybe this is what brings us here – to be social – despite the fact we Asperger’s. But also note we are all individuals, so Asperger’s can manifest itself in many ways and in many people.

take care,

BTW, I have no idea why my avatar image appears as a series of 0’s and 1’s. Going to have to look into that.

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