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I am interested in talking about how you get along with others at work for starters. As I find my workmates often rude and ignorant, I have given up trying to be in their social group. I am higher up on the aspie scale, but have been caught multiple times with aspie behaviors, which I try to hide. When my pain level goes up, my ability to hide my true self is diminished. I am learning that it is better to be yourself and realize that difference is good in a world filled with copy cats. I am interested in conflict management, science, politics (to some degree), education reform, pharmaceuticals (my work environment), health issues, and technology. I am hoping to get a Masters Degree in Data Analytics when I get healthier. Two courses down so far. My body has been hit pretty hard by working labor jobs over the last 5-7 years and playing sports into my 20s such as baseball/softball, hiking, and basketball. I have pain issues, which are slowly getting better since my tailbone was removed. My current job has the triple threat of labor, desk, and some non-personnel management responsibilities as well. Hoping to stop doing labor part of it.

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