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guess I’m bumping this up, but…

Lying, modified truth or a expectation that everybody understand it’s not entirely true, is one of the things I allways have had problems with… And trying to make myself understand is a mental strain of huge proportions… I can do it, for a while, but it taxes me so much it usually turns into a meltdown after a while. Why can’t people just say it straight??? The NT social “dance” is mind-exhausting.

I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, man how tired I am of trying… I still don’t have a clue, and when it turns out I have misunderstood or something, I’m the one that is the “bad guy”… Because it’s “normal” to understand this, everybody does, right… Bugger, another burnt bridge or shipwreck.

I say what I mean, and mean what I say. Too bad most people either look at me as a rude troublemaker, or a mentally challenged… True, I am challenged. But not mentally, IQ way higher than average, and an understanding of logic and patterns that make it easy for me to fix about anything. But definately NOT people smart, those I do not understand…

I don’t think the average NT is lying, but I think they are the ones that is mentally challenged. They have to sugar the truth, modify it a little, to be accepted. It gets a habit, a bad one, to tell semi-truths. Me? I just say it, F*** the rest. If they can’t handle the logic of this or that, I don’t spend more time on’em.

Be yourself no matter what, trying to be something you can’t be will just kill ya sooner. I intend to live long, maybe alone, but never lonely.

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