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Let’s kick this topic off with my own stims…

1- My most common stim, my public stim, is the one where I rub my index fingers and thumbs together. I do this usually while my hand is closed while rubbing the sides of my index fingers in a circular motion with my thumbs.I also flick my thumb along all fingers inside my slightly closed hand.
2- I wobble my legg free-hanging leg while I sit cross legged.
3- I wobble with my foot on the floor.
4- I rock forth and back on a chair. That soothes me most. I do this in public too when things get too much for me.
5- I tend to smell my fingers or the side of my hand (I know it is weird) but it centers me. I do this a lot when I have been in the sun and when it smells of melanin and I remember also doing this when I was small…

I probably have more…

What are your stims?