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I understand. Still you could see if she is interested in meeting you again in a quiet setting of her choosing. Sensory overload can be very momentarily and you did have a good time before ending up at the restaurant. I still would drop her one line, telling that you wouldn’t mind a retry. Chances are actually huge that she feels that she really messed up and feels ashamed over that and it could relieve her by hearing also after the date that you are an understanding guy. If you don’t hear from her after that then you did at least show that that wasn’t just words and your goodwill. The fact that she didn’t say anything else might as well be because of the whole sensory overload issue and her anxiety attack. Anxiety causes a total shutdown and it might well be that she doesn’t really remember you telling her that you are understanding of aspie issues…

That is just my thought of it. Of course you kn ow the situation better and you seem to deal with it in a very proper way.But if she interests you then I would neither just let it slip without some extra effort. You have left her alone for a bit, so she might have gotten herself on track again.

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