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Yeah see only one of those three things happened with my last date, we had one phone call before meeting and to be honest I actually don’t think I was the problem. Cause the woman I was dating was an aspie too and I took her to a very loud environment. Like before the date in the car we were talking about meeting up again and really having a good time. Than the restaurant bothered her sensory problems and she freaked out on me and started having anxiety and stuff. I mean trying to look at the date through her eyes leads me to believe she was miserable and it was only after the sensory meltdown that she suddenly became too busy to ever date me or see me again. I mean if I was her I would have been embarrassed and I can’t think of anything I said to turn her off. She also stated that she was going to isolate when she got home so I don’t think I was the issue. Which is part of the reason I am not bothered by it, I wish I had taken her to another restaurant but I didn’t know and I do now so thats what matters.

I do think though with my personality that I’ll have to date an aspie, I did learn that through this last date cause I can’t relate to others and this girl seemed on my level. I don’t think she’ll contact me again and I assume its over but I would be willing to talk to this woman if she ever talks to me again. I have leave that ball in her court and am going to leave her alone however I am very understanding of aspie issues and I don’t hold anything against her. I told her that and she never said anything else the entire date so I think she is mortified to be honest.

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