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Hi and thanks for your message and appreciation… 🙂 Haha… You are totally right. I am from a small country and didn’t think about that. I’ve added it to the search function. I would advice you to change your state from TX to Texas…There is only one other member there, at last one that wrote Texas. Standard state selection is a bit of a pain because I would basically have to mak forms for all provinces in the whole world. I a not autistic enough to do that. 😉

I am experimenting with a plugin on another site. With that you can visualise on a map. I will see what I can do with this site with that.

Thanks again,


PS… If you like the site then it wouldn’t hurt to post a link on som boards or places you frequent that are fitting the niche. If people start doing that than that is the way we can grow fast. 🙂 Google will also pik up on it and bounce this site up to the first one.

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