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That sounds very recognizable. I have the same due to my demi/sapio inclination. I don’t fall for bodies. I fall for personalities. Someone smart and sensitive can be super attractive to me. While someone that is considered generally attractive is totally uninteresting for me. I like the esthetics of a nice body of course (see the art in my profile) but that is not a sexual turn on more a in appreciation of beauty. I wouldnt say that I am a-sexual but I just don’t see the point of having sex with someone that I don’t feel attracted to mentally and emotionally. It only complicates things in such cases.

I am looking for interesting people. Not specifically for a potential partner. It would be a nice by-product of getting to know someone that that person seems so special that I fall in love and visa versa. But that is never a goal for me. That is apparently strange,s o it happened quite a lot that a girl was awestruck by me while I wasn’t interested in more than friendship. I did however think we had a friendship, also because I was clear about that matter that we wouldn’t be partners but still they hoped. So they stuck around until it was clear that there wasn’t a relationship to gain with me while they were in love and then cut all tie with me because hey found it too difficult to be friends with me. That has happened a lot…

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