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It’s interesting we seem to have a lot of females on this thread talking about being missed, I’ve come across this a lot in my reading. I was 33 when diagnosed with ADHD but struggled with the meds, which brought out ‘weird’ traits from childhood and adolescence I’d since learned to suppress (I think I was simply too tired to mask them)… cue some research and the realisation that Asperger’s explained my life like nothing else had.

However, even when the psychiatrist who diagnosed the ADHD initially told me my childhood traits (which I’d collated for him in nice long list, ha!) were ‘probably Asperger’s’ I didn’t take that seriously as, unfortunately, I only knew about typical Asperger’s and didn’t think I could have it. I’m 34 now and awaiting an assessment for autism spectrum disorder, so will see if my suspicions are correct.

For me the point of a diagnosis is mainly to understand myself better. It can be very confusing – and lonely – being ‘odd’ or ‘different’ your entire life, even though I generally accept it and don’t even mind it as I can see it’s true. A diagnosis to me would mean being able to ‘categorise’ certain traits or quirks, and I know I don’t need it but I feel it’s also permission to decline social invitations or other difficult environments without feeling guilty or like a let down to others.

I’m so glad to see some wise ladies (& gentlemen) on here.

All the best to you all, whatever you decide to do.