Reply To: When is the right time to mention Asperger's?


Hi, I think that differs. I think that having it in an OKC profile will make a lot of people go “move on… problematic…” because they have no clue what it actually is. You may be neon-signing yourself with a category while you are an unique human being.

You can also name some of the symptoms telling that you are just weird like that without calling it Asperger’s. When you feel you have a very strong connection that has been going on for a week or to then just break the news. If it is someone that is worth to get to know then they will be interested in it.

Telling people that you have Asperger’s will in 99,9% of all cases not make people understand you. It will just make you come off as weird. That in general. But on a personal level with someone you are getting close to then it is a wonderful thing to share. It is then your secret… And sometimes you get some secrets in return finding out that you both are equally whack creating a perfect bond between two whackies. 🙂

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