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It is stressful and not a very good base for a relationship if you have to pull your reins all the time with your directness.

It is very local yes. I am from the Netherlands originally and then from the Northern part where people are pretty direct by nature. But here in Norway where I live most people go in hiding as soon as you are direct. But still… “Most is not all”. And people that know me well also know where it is coming from. They don’t see it as harmful but as honesty which can be appreciated.

At the end it all is about chemistry. You have of course more chance of connecting and feel understood on a deeper level here, which is also the reason for creating this site at People that communicate more or less the same, that have the same pitfalls, the same joys, add to that interests and sexual preferences and there you might have a beautiful match with someone that you can understand and stand and that might be able to stand and understand you and your quirks as well. 😉

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