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yup I over the years I tried alot some better that others. the first was Eharmony when I was 22 and all there was people 50+ back then online day was only for old people o the time have changed lol also the usual suspects Tinder which is more for meaningless sex though I did have a few nice dates from there a few years ago but it unusual to find someone who want to date of there. The next was Pof it slightly better that tinter alot more people looking for relationships I though I meet that women of my dreads a well it was nice while it lasted. Ok cupid was on it for a bit no luck a few conversations i forgot my password lol as for ASD dating sites thing and are the only ones I know of not much on autisicdating it hard to get a response from anyone I send over 500 messages since the last year I’ve been on it on only one person responded a lovely women but not spark or connection. I find it hard to believe there isn’t more ASD people where we all live I sure there are either they are shy about their condition or due to noting having a regional ASD dating sites.

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