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Somebody who understands me and relates to me, makes me feel valued and who I can have a deep connection with as well as share inside jokes and banter with and who has a bold personality and similar interests to me. It would be great to find another foodie, somebody I can listen to good music with (I like a lot of Indie, psydub/psybient, rock/metal – but sometimes things like K-Pop are a guilty pleasure.) and somebody into anime, video games and the other geeky stuff I like. I want to feel pursued by a guy who I feel connected and attracted to which can be hard to find.

Emotional and financial stability, honesty, chemistry and chivalry are all very important to me. I like a guy to provide for me and to have a bond that feels secure, to feel he wants to see me happy and so I feel motivated to try and offer that in return but as I’ve mentioned it’s not just about that, but also depth and how well I vibe with that person too.

I could probably do with friends as well as it’s difficult for me as somebody on the spectrum to just go out and make those connections. I can also be a bit difficult to get close to online and tend to be quite introverted and enjoy a lot of alone time but putting myself out here anyhow in case something great does happen and I can felt that connection that I would love to have.

This probably sounds a bit soppy or maybe I sound quite high maintenance, sorry, haha, but you know.

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