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One of my newest implemented coping skills is one I use for those busy days with a new place, or multiple new places. Perhaps you have an appointment with a new doctor in a new location and you will need to visit two separate locations before your day is complete. This could mean going for your doctor visit then going to another location for lab work. Let’s just throw in some bad weather for the heck of it.

It’s your head spinning yet? Mine is, just thinking about it makes me want to hide in my safe place.

There are many coping skills you will need to navigate this alone. I want to talk about the one that I only recently learned. Breathe and take your time.  Do not rush!  Take a moment. Take a moment or two to relax and mentally prepare for each part of the day. Prepare for your drive and where you will park ahead of time. When you arrive at your destination, take a few moments to mentally prepare for walking into a new place. Collect your thoughts, breathe, and ready yourself before getting out of the car.

You finish your visit, now you must go to another location. Sit in your car for a moment. Mentally prepare, get your bearings right, plan your strategy in your head, relax, don’t rush, breathe. Simply think your next steps through in your head before you begin.

You get to your next location, take a moment. Yes, another moment. Calm yourself and think it through in your head, what it is that you need to accomplish at this location and how you will do it. Relax, breathe, mentally prepare, do not rush.

I’ve learned that by thinking things through before beginning, even simply going to a new supermarket, I can reduce my anxiety. Relaxing, breathing, thinking strategically, and never rushing, can be the difference between disastrous meltdowns and ok, I’m a little stressed.

Relax, breathe, think, take a moment and don’t rush yourself.

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