Aspie Singles has talked with an associate producer of Northern Pictures who is working on a TV documentary series in the US about dating and relationships featuring people on the autism spectrum and we wish to help them out. 

They are looking for SINGLE people, living in the United States, who are on the autism spectrum and are interested in dating. 

You may have no history of dating, or you might be an experienced dater, feel free to get in touch and say hello.

They are also looking for COUPLES, or people who have just started seeing each other, even if you’re not yet official! Either one or both of you might be autistic.

There are many misconceptions out there about autism, one of them being that people aren’t interested in finding love. They want to show that this isn’t true, and to help people understand more about neurodiversity. They aim to make an honest, sensitive and insightful documentary series.

The documentary will have a similar feel as “Finding Love on the Spectrum” which is their Australian production. They will work as a kind of match maker while you will have all say. Additionally they will make sure to show diversity of race, age, gender and sexual preference, so they also welcome you with open arms if you are gay, a-sexual, transsexual or of any other sexual orientation or gender identification.

On our question: “How do you make sure that the participants to feel safe and not overwhelmed?”, the answer was as follows: 

  • They will make sure that everything will be as transparent and comfortable as possible for you.
  • They will work very short hours with you.
  • Your family and friends will be present.
  • And they will always have professionals in the field of autism present to make sure that everything feels safe for you. 

What you would get out if it is of course a possible date or a relationship and you will be able to have a voice by showing the world that there is a diversity to autism in which you are unique.

It could be an unforgettable experience for you in which all costs for travel, food and accommodation will be covered.

So if you or someone you know might be interested in speaking with them, please send them an email with a brief description of yourself, where you live and a photo:

You can check out their website here:

Don’t forget to check out their Australian documentary which is brilliant.

The cover picture is taken from their Australian project and the text based on our conversation and their press release. 

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