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48 / Man / Divorced / Trondheim

That art in my pic-section, is mine. I am also learning to play cello, which sometimes sounds like dying chickens but I am getting better at it. ? I am playful, fun, authentic, artistic, geeky, very brainy but also super easy going. And I am direct and honest of course. A trait that is only more appreciated...

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21 / Man / Single

I’m a bit shy when telling people about myself, so if you decide to pick up chat, you will find out more about me as time goes on. But all I can really say about myself here, is that I figured, that since my attempts, which are invisible due to...

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26 / Man / Single

I’m an aspiring indie game designer. Realistically a novice programmer. I’m creating a Dota2 Custom Game/mod. It’s a personal project to practice programming/game design and also because it’s fun to create things. If you’re interested it can be found here: prefer the indoors to the outdoors, especially with...

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36 / Man / Married

Who I am: This perspective on reality likes to call himself langejansen   What I am: INTP/INTJ, introvert, father, nerd, metalhead, trekkie, inventor, techie, scifi nut,serial project starter, serial project killer(mostly before they are finished), facinated with all the different ways the human body/mind can be modified/enhanced, longboarder (though I haven’t clocked more than...

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29 / Woman / Divorced

I am newly diagnosed on the Spectrum from a previous misdiagnosis of bipolar. I am starting life over after a bad marriage and bankruptcy. I have a dog and live alone. I have two friends. One is aware she is on the spectrum, the other isn’t aware he is. I work at Home...

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Bobby Genovese

32 / Man / Single

I’m a painter and musician.

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33 / Man / Prefer not to say

  1. I’ll fill this out later

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37 / Man / Single

Chaotic good. Complicated. Hopelessly mired in Gen X pop culture. Makes weird science fiction references no one understands but are assuredly funny and insightful unless they’re not.

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25 / Man / Single

23M from Belgium, fr/en

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31 / Woman / Living together

Hi there, not sure what to say really. I’m a little shy in general…I like live music, strolls in the country side, animals, scifi/fantasy. I like to try new things and go to new places, though this stresses me out so I can only do it in small doses. I’m not looking...

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23 / Man / Single

I play video games. I’m doing this to pass the time.

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27 / Man / Single

Recently diagnosed musician and selfproclaimed philosopher, I think. People say I’m kind, loving, passionate, funny, like really funny, higly intelligent as I learn Very Fast, but I don’t believe learning fast makes me intelligent, I think me paying attention to details a little too much is why people treat me...

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30 / Man / Single

I’m a full time student in my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh, my major is English writing. After I graduate I am planning on going for my master’s degree. I also work as an animal care giver and am writing my first novel. I guess that sums up...

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22 / Woman / Living together

Hello! My name is Nikki and I am just looking to connect with other aspies who may have similar traits to me. I am a 20 year old beautician currently living just outside of Melbourne. One day I would love to run my own salon/spa.

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27 / Man / Single

Hi my name is Ben, My hobbies include playing the organ, kayaking in the spring and summer, Computer programming, and playing Video Games.

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21 / Man / Single

I’m a 19 year old student studying sciences and maths in sixth form, hoping to go to university to study computer science in September. I’m a big fan of Star Wars and LOTR, I enjoy gaming (mostly single player RPGs but I’ll play anything), horror films and I write fantasy in...

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22 / Man / Single

Hello there, fellow outcasts. I’m a lonely Aspie with a very good sense of humor and…good grammatical skills. Yep, that’s what I bring to the table. Do I set your heart aflutter?

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24 / Man / Single

Hi, my names Cody. I’m a 22 year old college student from Coeur D Alene, ID.

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43 / Woman / Divorced

Putting myself out there. Not sure what to expect. Social anxiety hinders and helps me I guess. Looking for someone who understands and doesnt judge. I promise to do the same. I have a kind soul. Looking for another kind soul to feel safe around.

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19 / Man / Single

I’m 17, Y12 graduate, job-seeking /moving out before deciding what i want to do in uni. Ambivert.Depending on my mood I can be two things:ambitious guy who wants to see it all, do it all in this short-life we have. I plan to get into environemntal activism, take-up volunteer work,...

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22 / Man / Single

Hi!  I am a 20-year-old Aspie College Student!  I’ve never really done online dating before, or any kind of dating for that matter, so I’m not really sure what I should put here.  (tell me about yourself really is a tough question, isn’t it).  I’m adventurous as far as aspies...

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30 / Man / Single

Work part time in retail. I love video games, coming, shooting and hiking sometimes. I also enjoy walks. I love learning about things and history.

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24 / Woman / Single

Hello ! So i’m 22 and i’m a female aspie with a very strange and dark sense of humor.  I’m a librarian. I live on my own in France, but i’m willing to move if it’s necessary (France is not the best place for employment… or for Aspies, in fact)....

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22 / Man / Single

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22 / Man / Single

Hey, I’m Adam! I’m a physics nerd, play Smash Bros. and watch plenty of Netflix. Have lost a few pounds so far and losing more! I can be complex or simple, depending on the situation. Realistic optimist!

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21 / Man / Single

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Kalin Palmer

22 / Woman / Single

My name is Kalin and I’m crazy, weird, artistic, bubbly, and sometimes a little shy. I’m a total nerd and a homebody. I love video games and playing music (piano, guitar, singing) in my little apartment. I adore children and am constantly babysitting/nannying/working here in Tampa and in child watch at...

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26 / Woman / Single

I am very creative and love designing and making things. My hobbies are Zentangle, art journaling, some sewing, some baking, loom knitting, weaving on a pin loom. I also like yoga, church activities, listening to audiobooks. I am a fundamental Baptist, and will only date other Baptists. I don’t smoke or...

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Ben Rayfield

36 / Man / Single


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Hector B.

21 / Man / Single

I am currently a Biochemistry major at university. I like to appreciate every little thing that an individual does to feel or be better as a person. I guess I am that guy that sees people grow and comment on their progress without actually telling them in-person. I like to...

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30 / Genderfluid / Single

My strengths are I’m honest, caring, trustworthy, kind, sweet, nice, friendly and loyal. My weaknesses are I’m temperamental, moody and stubborn. I have allergies to gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, and other things as well as asthma.

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Devil Kisses

21 / A-gender / Single

This account isn’t really serious. I’m just here to see who’s on this site.

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36 / Woman / Single

Professional landscape photographer

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Joe Stead

26 / Man / Single

I currently work as a hardware validation and debugging engineer. I dream of having someone to love long-term, but I always feel like I don’t have enough to offer socially. I'm more than up for the prospect of a night of Mario Kart, though. I can also cook, but going...

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26 / Man / Single

I’m not really fun nor funny, but I am rather interesting, clever & somewhat confident. I am a martial artist, pursuing a career as a teacher. I also enjoy writing short stories as a hobby.

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Mr Robin

31 / Man / Single

What shall I say? Umm… I only say something when I need to say it. I enjoy being in the peace and quiet with a flask of coffee. Where? Somewhere where I’m surrounded by nature. Down by the lake is always a good choice! I take my camera out too...

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28 / Man / Single

Will fill this out later.

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Alice Diableaux

22 / Woman / Single

Hmm… what can say about myself? I’m an androgynous woman who is demi-sapio-heterosexual… a lot of prefixes, I know. It just basically means that I can only be sexually attracted to someone I form a meaningful emotional connection with on the basis of intelligence. If we talk and I’m like:...

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Benjamin James Meredith

20 / Man / Single

I’m fairly shy, but don’t let that discourage you. It’ll take some time for me to get comfortable and when I do. I’m addictive.

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29 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Zaaryk

24 / Man / Single

Will fill out later.

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25 / Woman / Single

Studying for an advanced medical degree.

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26 / Man / Single

Cloudcuckoolander. I am out there. I’m odd, by definition.

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24 / Man / Single

Hates filling out boxes

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29 / Man / Single

I like reading all of the things

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Phoenix Anastasia

29 / Woman / Single

I work in London but live in the Medway Towns, Kent. Whether you talk a lot or not very much is fine, because I naturally talk a lot and can fill any conversation gap, but my therapist is helping me learn not to dominate conversations so that I won’t drive you crazy if...

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21 / Man / Single

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35 / Man / Single

I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 31. I have never dated.

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A fart of moon

24 / Man / Single

I study computer science at the University of Liège, I own a motorcycle and have a student job. My English is good. I remain surprisingly fit despite not doing much sport. I can’t stand tattoos and immature people, that’s about it.

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Ravage C

28 / Man / Single

Welcome! Pull up a chair and let’s talk. So I’m a programmer who is currently learning Java. Programmer by day, Gamer by night. This job does involve some travel outside of the country at times.   I Like to think of myself as ambitious which just means each year starts with me...

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30 / Man / Single

Swedish aspie having a look around.

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23 / Man / Single

I am a college undergraduate working on a Bachelor’s of Education in Linguistics and Literature at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Currently working at the university as a philosophy researcher focusing on the writings of Nietzsche, Spinoza, Deleuze, Guattari and Bergson.  

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28 / Man / Single

Star Wars and Disney devotee,Drummer,Singer,Songwriter , Percussionist, Writer,

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43 / Woman / Divorced

We are all humans…hoping to meet similarly minded here…I share when communicated with!

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28 / Man / Single

In the summer of 2015, I was formally diagnosed with autism, and I am currently seeking work/career opportunities in an effort to be more independent and self-sufficient. I enjoy walking, listening to music, watching TV series on Netflix and I try to watch my football team, Man City, play each week,...

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40 / Woman / Single

I am Amy.  I am 38 years old.  I am overweight but working on it.  Lost 40 pounds so far, so i am actually working on it.  I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in my 20’s.  I am a visual and mathematical thinker.  Both come easy for me.  I have one...

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31 / Man / Single

I like long walks on the beach, I am a little funny, and a bit charming. At least two of those are true :)

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22 / Trans man / Single

Not ready to write things here.

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46 / Man / Single

I've been diagnosed for about ten years, after seeing a program on PBS about Asperger's and thinking "you know, that would explain a lot..." Before being diagnosed, I completed a B.A. degree in Cognitive Science in 2000, but Real Life pre-empted graduate school; I'm thinking seriously about going back, now...

Profile picture of JakeThePanda

21 / Trans man / Single

I’m a pretty chill guy. I enjoy adventure and being outdoors but I also enjoy staying home with a good movie. I love longboarding and playing guitar. I also have an obsession with cats and pandas.

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25 / Man / Single

Just a dude trying to understand the world. Recently moved into my own apartment, which is more scary than I thought it was going to be.

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33 / Man / Single

Ask me anything.

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29 / Man / Single

I am a gamer and single at the moment

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26 / Woman / Single

Fun fact: Sometimes I have an overwhelming desire to become a cyborg in order to transcend my own humanity. Maybe I read too much science fiction.

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30 / Man / Single

I am 28 years old taking classes in Criminal Justice

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30 / Man / Single

Younger adult coming to terms with his Asperger's. Working towards complete independence, which should come easier with understanding this condition. Fairly high-functioning but also definitely suffering from prior misunderstandings of my strengths and weaknesses.

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27 / Trans man / Single

I’m nonverbal. I love Disney, music, philosophy,nature, art, white tigers. I'm a bit of a babyfur. I love Anne Rice. My child actually never lives with me, but that was not option. I’m not sure what else to write. Oh am not very good with words, but am get better...

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26 / Man / Single

It’s late where I live. I just end up here. I don’t expect really much, as I know dating is more a matter of social competency and looks than anything else. No site can really help anybody. But here I am, anyway. Lost, so to speak. I wish I could inspire someone something,...

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28 / Woman / Living together

I’m just here to make friends. Message me! I’m friendly, I promise.

Profile picture of Wendi

47 / Woman / Separated

I am recently single .. with lots of ‘stuff’ going on ..  Very honest and straightforward .. with a wicked sense of humour ..  wanting some friendship and company without having to explain how I think all the time ..

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55 / Woman / Single

im arty, like mountain biking, nature and weird things eg ufos and alternative media,

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Bryon S

30 / Man / Single

im just fed up with dating “normal” women, being lied to and toyed with. i just have no tolerance for games and hints and constant changing of the rules. im looking for friends and (if all goes well) something more serious. one-on-one im pretty talkative and im shy around groups....

Profile picture of Triska Metria
Triska Metria

31 / A-gender / Single

Will fill in later.

Profile picture of Sarah

23 / A-gender / Single

I am a creative, open and accepting person. I also can be random. I have aspergers, I am also agender,demisexual,asexual Searching for someone with similar interests to spend time with and potentially become a romantic partner. I accept people for who they are. I am looking for a best friend someone to spend...

Profile picture of JohnLookingOrSomething

25 / Man / Single

TL;DR: I’m a guy who wants to be a nurse, loves pets that love each other, am non-theist, and really wants to have a vegan diet asap. Btw you missed some comedic relief, scrub. Your loss. /s Don’t really know what to say besides the basics. I am an atheist or...

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27 / Non-binary / Single

I’m queer, bisexual and non-binary. She/her pronouns, although I also really like being called Sir.  I don’t smoke, rarely drink, and have never so much as dabbled in any recreational drugs.Not religious, although I wouldn’t mind dating someone who is, so long as they don’t attempt to convert me to their faith. I...

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52 / Man / Single

I am looking for someone to enjoy things with without having to hide who I am

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Kristofer Larsen

26 / Man / Single

I live alone, play video games, enjoy strategy games, like Chipotle, and I’m unsure what else to put here. :/

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28 / Man / Single

A former postgrad student, I now work in customer service in a retail chain. My main hobby is running and exercise. Am looking for someone with a zest for life, hardworking and fun loving.

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48 / Woman / Separated

Profile picture of Earl Stevens
Earl Stevens

26 / Man / Single

I’m a gamer from a small town in Mississippi now residing in Houston, TX. I would love to meet folks like me.

Profile picture of Ethan Sprouse
Ethan Sprouse

23 / Man / Single

Hi I’m Ethan

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21 / Woman / Single

Hi, my name’s Sophie, I am new to this site so I am a little shy, but I love getting to know new people ?             I am 19, living in the South of the UK, and i am currently studying via internet (long distance...

Profile picture of Josh Keirsey
Josh Keirsey

30 / Man / Single

*I grew up in SE Portland *I really enjoy art, both creating and observing; currently I am trying my hand at drawing. *I love cooking and finding new things to try, sometimes I think I enjoy the process of cooking more than eating the finished product. *I tend to go on long walks...

Profile picture of cjfolsom

21 / Man / Single

I was recently diagnosed and am looking for someone like me to date or be really good friends with.

Profile picture of Wolf girl
Wolf girl

19 / Woman / Single

I don't know.

Profile picture of DavidB

36 / Man / Single

I live in Northern Ireland but will be visiting Manhattan NY from 24/4/16 to 1/5/16 and would be interested in meeting other like minded females for friendship and outings while there. Also interested in meeting people from Northern Ireland. I play drums, work with the National Trust and am a...

Profile picture of Abh Nl
Abh Nl

26 / Man / Single

Hello , I am a simple , kind , loyal and compassionate person . I have mild social anxiety which makes it difficult for me to make friends. I prefer quiet environments than going to clubs/parties etc… I am looking for someone with the similar personality with who i can be myself...

Profile picture of NickyD

31 / Woman / Single

I am a friendly 29 year old girl with very mild Aspergers. I have been single for about 10 years and would love to get to know someone, I love going out to restaurants, to the cinema and for coffee, and love to go on holiday. Initially I would love...

Profile picture of Scott

49 / Man / Separated

I have been married 26 years and it has ended for us but for the kids we are living all together until something more serious works for one of us.

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aussie 213

21 / Man / Single

I am a funny, kind, sincere person who likes gardening, bowling, antiquing, watching movies, watching anime.

Profile picture of Alexi1201

19 / Woman / Single

Checking this site out and hoping to find friends and/or maybe even a boyfriend. ?

Profile picture of Antti

26 / Man / Living together

  1. English is not my native language so forgive me my typos. Also my sosial skills needle training. I havent been able to speak and connect with people in years, due my anxiety and stutterin. Im in longterm relationship and I dont want it To change, but i feel like...

Profile picture of Zach

36 / Man / Single

I am a riddle wrapped in an enigma covered in chocolate and wrapped in a soft taco shell. I have lived here in P.T for most of my life and I must say, despite the lack of gainful employment, I rather like it here. Currently I am trying to get...

Profile picture of kevin

23 / Man / Single

Trying this out. Other dating sites are tough.

Profile picture of Rich

53 / Man / Divorced

If you are looking, then give me a chance, as I dont always type up real feelings, I do prefer to chat on the phone after a few messages, and no i do not harass, but apparently women can call blokes anonymously from POF using data on their phone, or...

Profile picture of C0MPAQ

31 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Charles Simmons
Charles Simmons

34 / Man / Single

As my username suggests I’m a big fan of technology, and if you think this make me a geek, then you’re right!I work as a Seat Technician for a government IT contract company. So fixing, building, and learning computer technology is my profession!I am definitely more of an introvert than...

Profile picture of Pokesomi

33 / Man / Single

This is always difficult for me, smart, sometimes funny, very nerdy always a little silly and goofy, online dating and me are like oil and water, if you see something you like message me and say so or ask me anything (and I mean anything) also I am handy to...

Profile picture of Scribeslave

45 / Woman / Single

I'm Lisa, 43 and mum to two teenagers. I've just been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome which is a relief as it explains why I don't seem to fit with the outside world. After years of putting on various masks in order to get through each day I can finally learn...

Profile picture of thrashmetalhead83

34 / Man / Single

Howdy!!  I'm Nicholas.  I am a 32 year old male who has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder in the autistic spectrum.  Millions of people have it.  I am looking for a monogamous relationship, preferably with a female who has AS like me or a somewhat similar life challenge...

Profile picture of Maximonster

23 / Man / Single

I've recently come to the realization that I don't have any aspie friends. I have some NT friends but they never really understand the struggle and usually give me impossible(for an aspie) advice

Profile picture of George

64 / Man / Single

Discovered My Asperger’s quite late in life – and as I settle into retirement, I’m looking for someone to share life with. Life is meant to be lived; Life is meant to be shared.

Profile picture of ModJohn

33 / Man / Single

I am quite eccentric and sometimes quiet but if you know me and I get to know you, you will find me allot of fun! I live on a narrow boat and I am an entrepreneur. 

Profile picture of Tamsin

20 / Woman / Single

I've lived in Spain for half my life and just recently moved back to England.

Profile picture of Omen1855

36 / Man / Divorced

I've been diagnosed with Asperger's at 34, which has changed my view on life. Before the sky was the limit and I achieved many of my goals, but stumbled on from time to time on apparently trivialities. I still have entrepreneurial ambitions, but have chosen to lead a more relaxed...

Profile picture of russgeek

32 / Man / Single

Am a geek and nerd. I enjoy doing nerdy, geeky activities. I like to read. Will answer questions.

Profile picture of Lola

36 / Woman / Single

I am a female aspie, looking to start new friendships and see what happens.

Profile picture of Mark

49 / Man / Single

You are likely to need to make the “first move” with me. I like a lot of physical affection, hugging, kissing, cuddling, touching. Though I am not into exclusivity or romantic stuff at all. (Not remotely interested in marriage, “the one” or anything of that ilk.)

Profile picture of Mandagray

41 / Woman / Separated

Profile picture of Metal_Serpent

26 / Man / Single

My name is Sam. I attend SHSU for business management. I'm a 5'10 guy who is skinny and muscular. I work in the deli dept at Kroger. Been there 3 years. I'm a purple belt in martial arts. I've been diagnosed with aspies as a kid, so it's been tough,...

Profile picture of Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins

52 / Man / Separated

Hello, i am a fun,loving and caring person. I'm always happy and always smiling, I like to hold hands, and kiss. I'm very affectionate! I like ice skating, bowling, watching football, going to the park, walking, colouring, watching tv indoors, going for meals, and going cinema.

Profile picture of kaninen

21 / Man / Single

Im kind of a social retard, interested in all things science. not diagnosed aspie, but I have all the symptoms. I like reading,drawing, learning.

Profile picture of iperidot

27 / Man / Single

I'm an engineer, and I like drawing, programming, and writing.

Profile picture of Beachgirl4492

30 / Woman / Single

I am a fun,loving, down to earth young woman who is looking for an  outgoing soul mate that enjoys social activities & is family oriented.

Profile picture of omor84

33 / Single

I work as computer  and network, I love cats and love to talk , my cat knows it. I like to go to restaurants with friends movies. I drive my cycle to work, I have my car, I am interested in History Politics but I dont like politicians at high...

Profile picture of Josh724

20 / Man / Single

My salvation through Christ Jesus is the most cherished possession I have. I like swimming, hunting and camping.  I enjoy watching comedy and action movies. I have a growing collection of various weapons (all for the zombie apocalypse of course...haha). My family and I have a great time together and are very close.  I am a loyal...

Profile picture of Belle_562

37 / Woman / Single

I’m an intelligent and creative person and I enjoy thinking outside the box sometimes. I like being spontaneous every once in a while but not all the time and doing something fun and random at the last minute like going out for a cup of coffee, seeing a movie, or...

Profile picture of Lumberjack98

24 / Man / Single

hi im zach i like running, being outside, playing video games

Profile picture of Dylan.florio44

21 / Man / Single

Hey ? Im really introverted lol

Profile picture of felecia

34 / Woman / Divorced

I am a single mom, I work and go to school. I don't have a lot of time on my hands but I have been single for a long time now and I am ready to get out there again. I am looking for someone who can be real...

Profile picture of zooguy4u

20 / Man / Single

I am fun loving and energetic.  I am looking for someone near me and close to my age, to go have fun with at the beach, or fishing, or swimming, or arcade , or whatever.

Profile picture of Declan

41 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Chappers

35 / Man / Single

I’m a good listener I play ability counts football and I’m just tired of having my heart broken by women who don’t understand me all I want is to find my future wife and mother of my children

Profile picture of Adam

38 / Man / Single

i am a very caring person and i am a student at cardiff  university i study social science and history and I work as a security guard. I like reading a lot of books about social science and history.

Profile picture of danlene

32 / Man / Single

Hi' I'm 30 years old, I'm looking for a nice young lady for a good relationship, if it works out hope it will be a long term life' partnership (Marriage) but only if we get on great for quite a good period of time, and we'll both know that.

Profile picture of new_york_guy

33 / Man / Single

Hello I’m a 31 year old guy who was diagnosed with AS at the age of 12.  Not looking for a relationship but for friends male or female.  I happen to be half-New York half-Parisian.  Been to Paris every summer from 1990-2005.  Right now I have a reasonably decent job. ...

Profile picture of m.a.e.b

22 / Woman / Single

I’m an avid reader and college student finishing up my senior thesis. I love to cook and be outside, and really really love nature documentaries.

Profile picture of Ken hughes
Ken hughes

37 / Man / Single

I don't really know what to say as I don't like writing about myself much.  I'm into the (so called)  normal stuff,  watching films (film buff alert)  especially marvel films/animation.  I love music,  all kinds but mainly metal/rock.  Anything else,  just ask.

Profile picture of Newinmn

58 / Man / Single

Checking out the site. Seeing if it is for real. If it is I come back and put more information in this spot. But this is the place where you write everything that should not have to be said.

Profile picture of alexwayne45

21 / Man / Single

Looking for a meaningful relationship. I’m a lover of film, comics, and weirdness (:

Profile picture of SBV

30 / Single

I am a modern cartoon fan looking for love. I love Plushies, drawing and listening to rock and roll

Profile picture of Yami

31 / Woman / Prefer not to say

I am a mildly Aspe 30 yr old woman looking for a man that can share quality time with me.  My main interests are going out to concerts, theaters, art expositions.  However, I also enjoy dining out, dancing and talking to exchange ideas.   I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing...

Profile picture of Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly

28 / Man / Single

I paint, watch a lot of movies, and am looking for an adventure. Hopefully you are a thrill-seeker.

Profile picture of CharlIe2511

20 / Woman / Single

I am a huge engineering nerd. I play the cello and I love engineering, ships, and space. I’m a marine engineering student and I want to build ships for the Navy when I graduate – I have a lot of friends who are in the military and I want to...

Profile picture of becauseimbatman

34 / Man / Single

I am usually a quiet guy. I keep to myself. Once I know a person I am a little more open with them. I don't do well in crowded places, and prefer smaller, low-key establishments. I am working on that, though. I'm not the best at having "normal" relationships with...

Profile picture of JamesH98

20 / Man / Single

Hey, my name is James. I am looking to meet a girl with similar interests to me. I am currently attending college. My hobbies include movies and traveling to a variety of places. I also like swimming and yoga. In my spare time, you will also find me playing games...

Profile picture of Soical butterfly
Soical butterfly

23 / Man / Living together

i have autism and I am verbal and social and active with swimming, running and walk. Learning how to drive a car. i also play the piano.

Profile picture of Sean Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick

22 / Man / Single

I am a guy who will listen and will talk too!

Profile picture of James

40 / Man / Single

I am the eldest of 3 and live in my own flat . I am very good at getting around by public transport .  I see my Parents every weekend I am very knowledgeable abut 80’s music and really like action films – Arnie type   I can speak some Italian and have...

Profile picture of IAmAnAlien

44 / Man / Divorced

I would like to find someone that I can be comfortable being myself around, who understands my differences from most people and understands my need to be alone at times. I have kids, they're living away from me and info not see them often. I work full time, have my...

Profile picture of Nexus

23 / Man / Single

Reminder to fill this out later

Profile picture of Fakealias

25 / Man / Single

College student who enjoys philosophy, psychology, bike rides, movies and other things too – from time to time.    

Profile picture of lgrogan

27 / Man / Single

Hi i'm Lukas i'm 26 years old. I live in Woking. I enjoy mountain biking for a good few hours. I also play football and watch it, I am a Liverpool fan (Y.N.W.A). i usually start my day off by doing press ups and weights .I am interested in meeting...

Profile picture of Becca

27 / Woman / Single

I thoroughly enjoy playing video games and chilling out all cosy watching films. I do also like going out for nice meals

Profile picture of K

32 / Woman / Single

I guess I am what they call NT although I have my quirks. I am here to connect with aspie men but aspie fems feel free to contact me as well for a friend. I have been with an aspie in the past and I have to say it changed dating...

Profile picture of dan

29 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Tomthesurreydon

23 / Man / Single

  I am currently a support worker at Mencap in London, and am passionate about helping those who are disadvantaged in society. This is the industry in which I am looking to further my career. I enjoy cycling, swimming and playing tennis, as well as being a football addict. I love...

Profile picture of stevie80

46 / Man / Single

44 years old, ash blond to light brown hair, blue eyes, wears glasses, short hair g.s.o.h, fun to be with, great with children ( used to work as a Early Years Volunteer in Early Years Education ) now works as a 7.5 LGV Truck Driver.

Profile picture of Seb1995

22 / Man / Single

I enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors. I'm looking for someone special to share my life with and have fun and adventurous times with. My dream is to eventually open my own restaurant. I am currently studying an A-Level in Business Studies. After completing this, I hope to do a...

Profile picture of Scientarian

22 / Man / Single

I like watching Netflix and sitcoms, reading novels, reading Scientific American and TIME, walking my dog, listening to music, and browsing Reddit.

Profile picture of sssEvan

27 / Man / Single

I am a fun loving guy who loves sports and video games!

Profile picture of Liam94

24 / Man / Single

My interests are playing and watching football. I have two voluntary jobs, where I enjoy meeting new people. I like watching movies, especially action films. I also enjoy sketching and gaming. I am looking for someone to spend time with who may share some of my interests.

Profile picture of Clarisse Steinberg
Clarisse Steinberg

20 / Woman / Single

I like running and canoeing and being outside in winter.

Profile picture of Barba87

40 / Man / Single

  • I am a very sensitive, down to earth, caring person who likes animals, nature, and music. I have a dog and a cat, and I write songs for a creative outlet. Hope to find someone with similar interests on this site.

Profile picture of Liam-s

23 / Man / Single


I am a 21 year old man who has some anxieties with social interaction but am very friendly. I would like to do more in the way of going out to pubs, cinemas etc with the right understanding person who may be looking to achieve the same.

I enjoy listening to...

Profile picture of Beth.emma

20 / Woman / Single

Hi, I'm currently studying psychology, sociology, and English literature at sixth form. I love all animals and I'm passionate about the environment. I'd like to meet someone who is willing to try out a 'trial relationship' (who will understand that it may not work out due to my relationship anxiety,...

Profile picture of Mike D-Win
Mike D-Win

37 / Man / Single

Hello! My name is Mike and I'm a 36 year old male who was born in Virginia, but lives in Staten Island, NY. I've also resided in Rhode Island and Brooklyn, which were both short term. I am an administrative supervisor with the New York City Police Department, which is...

Profile picture of madmaxnightrider

33 / Man / Single

I am a very shy person who is a homebody. I rarely get out of the house. I have always lived with my parents. I have no trouble talking to people once I get to know them. I am very shy around any strangers.

Profile picture of lonely876

20 / Man / Single

i am terribly lonely and was bullied.  i have dark crazy thoughts.  i am considered to be insane.  come on a journey with me and save me from my lonliness...

Profile picture of Noah Agrios
Noah Agrios

19 / Man / Single

Just a guy that's a huge fan of Journey into Imagination, Teddy Ruxpin, and Inside Out. I'm a Disneyland Annual Passholder and go to the parks often. I'm very sweet and accepting of others as long as they're the same to me. I get along most with people that have...

Profile picture of Wimpie

47 / Woman / Single

Hallo, ik ben Inge, ik heb een lief, vrolijk en zachtaardig karakter en heb het syndroom van Asperger.

Profile picture of Allyn

50 / Man / Separated

Ex-Navy (Reserves, mostly). I work on an Army base as a computer programmer, and live about 25 minutes from there in my own house on 2 acres, half-wooded.

Profile picture of Brown

43 / Man / Single

A wise man once said,.the things that people in love do to each other they remember, and if they stay together it’s not because they forget, it’s because they forgive With all due submission, i say YES! What is love? you must know that it...

Profile picture of jeep4x4guy4u

42 / Man / Single

Hi, I'm new to online dating but let me start by saying that I've always found it to be more fun and interesting to find out about each other as we go along. But since this is an online profile here's a little bit about me to peek your interest...   I...

Profile picture of LonelyNhagerstown

33 / Man / Single

Looking for a nice girl, the special one.  I enjoy music, playing the organ, driving, talking, swimming, church.

Profile picture of James Hazlett
James Hazlett

27 / Man / Single

Im a relaxed guy, who still focused. Ill spending my morning running and evening in front a a d&d board, but still find time for school and family.

Profile picture of KeelanDonahue91

27 / Man / Single

Hey, everyone! I’m a 25 year old audio engineer/studio owner. I love music, nature, art, and forms of creativity. I play drums, keyboards, and sing. My favorite musical genres are metal, rock, some rap and some reggae. I’m looking for a long term relationship, a soul mate ? I love...

Profile picture of adamshattuck1985

32 / Man / Single

1 year since diagnosis. been trying to understand NT's but not doing so well. seen this as another way to connect with others. i have some odd interests  but thats not really abnormal i am told. have a niece and nephews, 3 brothers, 2 sister in laws and 1 potential...

Profile picture of JohnnyReb101

29 / Man / Single

I like to read, write and cook.  I also like to hang out with friends, and spend time with my family.

Profile picture of juan

21 / Man / Single

obsessed with music and on-going conversations

Profile picture of Anteah

39 / Woman / Living together

Profile picture of Claire Valin
Claire Valin

56 / Woman / Living together

Profile picture of anya

27 / Woman / Single


Profile picture of Windrunner25

26 / Woman / Single

I am a creative, resourceful and thoughtful girl that enjoys interacting with many different types of people. Learning new things and eating good food are concrete passions of mine. Being challenged in a nurturing way is a sure way to hold on to me. My top three hobbies include video...

Profile picture of Alagori

22 / Man / Single

I love learning new information. my favorite website is i could spend hours reading Different papers on it.i'm really into biology, electrical engineering and programming. my favorite class of protein to read papers on is probably gliadin since it's the basis of a lot of are food and cooking.I am...

Profile picture of Intellectualandperv

27 / Man / Single

I am uncomfortable with putting my picture up just so no one outside the site can recognize me. I am currently unemployed but I never really seen that as a problem or severe issue. I am a to myself person and I want to change that and by...

Profile picture of Claire

20 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of EthanZzz

23 / Man / Single

Hi I'm Ethan I like to fish hunt go outdoors im a nice guy

Profile picture of Aspie Adam
Aspie Adam

34 / Single

I am at times tense and nervous but once im comfortable with a situation Im pretty laid back I love Cars. video games, Rock Music, working outside.....whateves

Profile picture of KyleNY

24 / Man / Single

Hello, I am Kyle. I'm 22yrs old and I have Asperger's. I am Bisexual and single. I love my family and my pets. I love to laugh. I love meeting friends. I love some movies & some music. I am scared of thunder & lightning, and terrified of spiders.

Profile picture of MichaelK

28 / Man / Single

27 years old

Profile picture of Dtdennison21388

30 / Man / Single

I enjoy movies, music, and games. I easy going to an extent. Just want to meet people like myself and meet that special someone

Profile picture of Pedalista

59 / Man / Single

I discovered I had aspergers late in life at 45. I am very fit, vegan, successful and like travel and adventure. Cycling is my main activity but also am a pilot and sailor. Most people consider me attractive and pleasant company if a little opinionated.

Profile picture of Matt The Sports Geek
Matt The Sports Geek

31 / Man / Single

I am A 29 year old man with Asperger's and i am currently enrolled in School going for my certificate in Computer related crimes

Profile picture of xenomorphobia

26 / Man / Single

i am shy but come out of my shell when i get to know people and am not very confident.

Profile picture of tes

37 / Man / Living together

Profile picture of Kate West
Kate West

42 / Woman / Separated

As most aspie’s, I enjoy details and prefer to explore and live everything to it’s fullest.  It has been difficult to find someone with my breadth of interests.  I love physically active sports, (squash, running, rollerblading), classical music, and learning new things.  Most importantly, I consider myself somewhat of a...

Profile picture of rcthegamer

28 / Man / Single

I am someone on the spectrum, though not diagnosed as Aspie, but this spectrum is all so confusing. I love to do graphic design and photography, and I do enjoy collecting vinyl records and playing them on my SL-1200 turntable. I do enjoy video games, and I am that kind...

Profile picture of Glenn

32 / Man / Single

Friendly, enthusiastic, loyal, reliable, good listener, honest

Profile picture of Astaroth

42 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Anne

19 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of Myra

30 / Woman / Divorced

Hi there. I am 28 years old. I love music and I write poetry. I love swimming and meditation . I like to be around like minded people who are on time and mean what they say. I love long drives and I'm really into Paganism, Occultism, wicca and  Buddhism....

Profile picture of Plateau

31 / Man / Single

29 uk north west

Profile picture of brandonb

25 / Man / Single

hey im brandon and i have aspergers aged 24

Profile picture of jlloyd1021

22 / Man / Single

My name is James. I like to write, read, draw, play video games, watch anime/adult animation, listen to rap/trap music and talk politics. I work in a grocery store during the day and like to write screenplays by night.

Profile picture of bananaface

49 / Man / Single

recently diagnosed , isolated after years of misdiagnosis , wanting female company

Profile picture of horselover866

24 / Woman / Single

I love to read, listen to music, dancing and love to laugh.  I also like nature and the outdoors, and horses.

Profile picture of denise

42 / Woman / Single

I have a job and go to a program for adults with disabilities. I love animals and have a dog I rescued.  I am a vegetarian, favorite food is Chinese. I go to church.  I ride the bus to get around.  I enjoy bowling and dancing, and Christian concerts.

Profile picture of joey

22 / Single

I am a fun loving and caring person. I am intelligent and kind. I like to enjoy life and be around people who are open minded and down to earth. I am a people person who is friendly and respectful to others and looking for the same. I enjoy video games,...

Profile picture of WDM240

38 / Man / Single

I am new on this site.  Saw another aspie site and wasn't too happy with it since it charged such a high monthly fee so I am going to give this one a try.  I want to try something new, and hopefully meet someone.  I know on here that I...

Profile picture of Todd Niekamp
Todd Niekamp

47 / Man / Single

I am a nice person who was diagnosed at age 43.

Profile picture of Showme

51 / Man / Single

Born to be happy so have fun….!!!

Profile picture of Leroy Rowe
Leroy Rowe

25 / Man / Single

Not to much about me, just an average Jamaican searching for someone who has aspergers too. I'm very reserved and quiet but im still not someone to pick on, I love farming I have dogs and I love motor racing. lets talk if you wana know a bit...

Profile picture of Christian

26 / Man / Single

My name is Christian  , I’m 24 . Trying something  different  , all the friends  or girls I meet want men with money and big careers. I’m a great guy just figuring it out as I go.Wish I could meet someone more like me and that understands what it feels...

Profile picture of Dreyyy77

33 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of ShayH

47 / Woman / Divorced

Profile picture of DavidSD

30 / Man / Single

(to be changed)

Profile picture of Jonathan Fraser
Jonathan Fraser

23 / Man / Single

I am a college student that transferred to a university to earn my bachelor's degree in psychology. I want to be social worker, but I don't know what area I am most interested in at this time. I know that I want to help people, and I hope I can...

Profile picture of Brashard Bursey
Brashard Bursey

29 / Man / Single

I'm looking for a new girlfriend.

Profile picture of AshleyJ23

24 / Woman / Single


Profile picture of Huskylad

32 / Man / Single

Hi there. My name is Jeffrey.

Profile picture of Marv

31 / Man / Single

hello, my names marv, i don't have kids, don't do drugs, live alone and enjoy rock music and video games

Profile picture of aspietiger

28 / Man / Single

I am 27 years old my name is Aiden and i have been hurt before so it may take a while to warm up but i can be social.  anything you want to know that isn't to personal ask away

Profile picture of fester7337

32 / Man / Single


I’m doing an experiment. I want to see what happens when I date someone who as the same thing that I do(Aspergers). I don’t know where I would find someone like me so after a google...

Profile picture of Thumbadger

31 / Man / Single

..........coming soon

Profile picture of kcm1986

31 / Man / Single

Never been in a relationship, much less a first date

Profile picture of PedroEncantado

25 / Man / Single

Diagnosed myself recently. I don't have many expectations from the website, it will just help me to explain why is it so hard for me to find a boyfriend (I always claimed I was fussy! ;)). Living in my homeland Poland for the moment, constantly moving though.

Profile picture of Michael Wintfeld
Michael Wintfeld

37 / Man / Single

Hello! My name is Mike and I’m a 36 year old male from Staten Island, NY but was actually born in Falls Church, VA- which is outside of Washington, DC. I’ve had Aspergers ever since I started school, but wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was a 16 year old high...

Profile picture of Max765

20 / Man / Single

Study horticulture at college, like sport. Walking, running and socialising. Struggle sometimes socially

Profile picture of Matt33rt

35 / Man / Single

  1. I’m a fun loving easy going Autistic guy.

Profile picture of Bernard

43 / Man / Single

Name: Bernard Nationality: Norwegian citizen Sexual orientation: Hetero Demisexual Religion: Agnostic Language: Norwegian and English Personality type: Introvert Education: Bachelor in Multimediaproduction Genotype: Aspie Digestive: Vegetarian Sex: Male Species: Humanoid Age: 41 years Height: 190cm Weight 95kg Eyecolor: Brown Hair color: Black IQ: 100 Blood type: 0

Profile picture of thescreamopastor

21 / Man / Single

i want to be a pastor and the head of a Christian boarding school. i love video games and reading and im just looking for someone to do this life thing with

Profile picture of Danzig

40 / Man / Single

I like getting out and about. I'm fond of hillwalking, and I go running most days. I work part-time as a delivery driver.

Profile picture of Seph

29 / Man / Single

Hi I’m 27 and was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyspraxia and traits of autism about 2 years ago. I live independently and find enjoyment in mountain biking, climbing, practising instruments, sometimes gaming and spending time with loved ones. I like to read about factual topics and enjoy watching movies and listening...

Profile picture of marcmendez1996

22 / Man / Single

I love the outdoors, I love camping, I love honesty, I love having new experiences, I love going to the movies, airsoft, interested in learning more about paintball, acting, romantic, I'm a gentleman and respectful. I am an advocate helping parents and students to learn hpw to advocate for themselves,...

Profile picture of tomarto1

50 / Man / Single

i am shy to start then after that i am ok

Profile picture of monbleu

31 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of Hugs91

27 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Mad Raving Danny
Mad Raving Danny

28 / Man / Single

hi my names Daniel I'm 27 from bury greater Manchester UK and have aspergers syndrome a form of autism and I'm kind caring easy to get on with others smart funny always understanding of others

Profile picture of Andrew Gaia Winters
Andrew Gaia Winters

19 / Man / Single

I am a free spirited, headstrong, musical and empathetic individual. I live in Upstate NY, the Southern Tier area, a beautiful wooded rural place.

Profile picture of Sigvino7

23 / Man / Single

I'm kind, compassionate and have a sense of humor. I am a Christian. I enjoy being with other people but I do have anxiety so I prefer to do things at home. I am very accepting of differences in other people and I'm very supportive of my friends.

Profile picture of Epoq3

32 / Man / Single

High tech scientist. I work in San Francisco at a growing start-up. Love running, working out, etc. Also, movies, travel, etc.

Profile picture of dentxhead

27 / Genderfluid / Single

Hi, my name is Rissa. I am learning to live with Asperger's. I enjoy reading, cleaning and organizing things, and being in nature.

Profile picture of Khelsdon94

23 / Man / Single

I graduated from college last December. I also worked at a camp for children on the autism spectrum; I went to the same camp as a child. I’ve always wanted to work with and help other people on the spectrum because I feel we understand it best.

Profile picture of kim

35 / Woman / Single

Hi, I’m a fun loving individual, I like to experience almost everything life has to offer. I’m honest, open minded, caring and understanding. I enjoy traveling (if budget permits lol) and see beautiful places, try new food, etc., I also enjoy being a home buddy (and I mean buddy^_-). I...

Profile picture of Louisg1988

29 / Man / Single

I'm Louis I'm in IT. I enjoy anime, roller coasters some board and card games. I do lighting production and I also drive for Uber

Profile picture of Staci

25 / Woman / Single

I’m a sensitive, honest, kind, loving, caring, compassionate, open minded person who is an on fire Christian. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, writing stories, hanging out with my mini horse, and swing dancing. I’d like to make some new friends that may have something in common with...

Profile picture of Charlie Payne
Charlie Payne

22 / Man / Single

Hi I'm Charlie. I'm looking for a serious relationship. If you'd like to get to know me, message me 🙂

Profile picture of Morti616

24 / Non-binary / Single

You know, I haven’t had much luck with niche dating sites, I’m just here to fool around. Done too much serious thinking lately.

Profile picture of CatGuyT

26 / Man / Single

I love music. Playing guitar and piano.

Profile picture of Sam Bateman
Sam Bateman

21 / Man / Single

Hello, my name is Sam, and I'm just some guy who likes drawing, playing music, and aspires to make cartoons for a living.

Profile picture of sbdcom

27 / Man / Single

I'm me.  Will update this later.

Profile picture of Lia

28 / Woman / Single

I was born and raised in Princeton, NJ, USA but I prefer Ireland. I have attended three boarding schools in three states (Vermont, Utah,  and Idaho; in that order).

Profile picture of Steve

29 / Man / Single

Hi My Name is Stephen Bearse i am 28 and i have aspergers syndrom i have at it since i was 7 years old I am looking  for not looking for sex in fact i dont want it at all i am Asexaul i like cudding and kissing and holdling...

Profile picture of stud

28 / Man / Single

outgoing young man from finland

Profile picture of nezzbitt

41 / Man / Single

I am an adult on the Autism Spectrum at 40 years old, currently volunteering and trying to study. I live in the Bedfordshire area of the UK. I will write more when I can think of more.

Profile picture of romanreigns

34 / Man / Single

Young lad looking for someone to share good times with. Gsoh .

Profile picture of Lucas Bellman
Lucas Bellman

21 / Man / Single

For much of my life I haven’t been as successful as others in means of communication. But I’ve worked hard over the years to overcome it and forge a better relationship with others. I am a lot more high functioning now and I have gotten better at a lot of...

Profile picture of anne

65 / Woman / Single

64 years old, looking for man of similar age who also has mild to moderate asperger’s for friendship to start. prefer an atheist non-drinker, but very light drinking is all right. I have very strong interests in animals, nature, literature, science, classical and new-age music, and would like to meet...

Profile picture of The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

27 / Man / Single

I've only recently received my diagnostic (3 years ago if I recall right), so I've tried for 23 years to live as a neurotypical person. Was tough, but since i found out the truth, it liberated me, and now I'm the best version of myself that I've ever been.

Profile picture of Phil

37 / Man / Single

I am a 32 year old male that wants to meet someone with similar interests to mysel

Profile picture of Michael Chronister
Michael Chronister

33 / Man / Single

I'm Michael.  I'm recently diagnosed on the spectrum.  I would love to meet a woman who can understand me.

Profile picture of Patrick1985

27 / Man / Single

Hello everyone, my name is Patrick, but you can call me Pat if you like. For starters, I like hanging out with friends/family, going downtown, having adventures and living life to the fullest. I am a funny, friendly, understanding, dedicated and loyal person who will always be their for someone when...

Profile picture of Heart Drenched in Wine
Heart Drenched in Wine

45 / Man / Divorced

Hello friends!Absolutely looking for a good-natured sociable partner in crime.It’s not an oxymoron to say that I'm a sociable loner. And at 44, I'm a proud dad of two boys who are...

Profile picture of Greywolf

58 / Man / Divorced

Treatment allows me to operate in social situations, but I occasionally need to get some space. I am only tactile with people who tell me this is desired, but enjoy closeness with people with whom I am comfortable.

Profile picture of Anna

22 / Non-binary / Single

Socially awkward jackass.

Profile picture of james montgomery
james montgomery

20 / Man / Single

I'm a loving, caring, person with a good personality and a good sense of humour

Profile picture of Zephyr

34 / Woman / Single

I’m a bit shy, but once i get going watch out!  I love my little ones and the odd interests here and there.  Mostly just peaceful and caring.

Profile picture of Misael Krause
Misael Krause

26 / Man / Single

Student of veterinary medicine, believe that God loves us, beer and coffee appraiser, healthy lifestyle. Want to live in the countryside.

Profile picture of Ariana

38 / Woman

I am just tired... tired of trial and error to fit in, I want to be me here!

Profile picture of William

19 / Man / Single

Hello. My name is William Bollands-Straw. I am into tv shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, Elementary, Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl. I also like films such as the Lego Movie. I also like History.

Profile picture of Richard Burrill
Richard Burrill

41 / Man / Separated

This feels weird. Lol. I’m not the best at relationships. I do try though. I believe in treating others as they treat me. I like to read and watch movies. Lots of Sci-Fi. Lots of spy movies. Comedies too. I like to cook as well. Traveling is fun. Camping out....

Profile picture of kathy

26 / Woman / Single

Hi I’m a 25 year old aspie who enjoys writing, reading and poetry. My daughter is my whole world and I love entertaining her too.   Don’t wish to bore any of you so I’ll keep this all short lol – I did try all-inclusive dating sites didn’t get far. So trying this...

Profile picture of montydom

52 / Man / Single

Diagnosed late in life and learning what this means to me. Diagnosed with Atypical Autism, but there is not a box to tick for this

Profile picture of David Battell
David Battell

21 / Man / Single

'm 20 years old and study maths at Bath University. I play games way too often for my own good be it video games or role playing games, however I also do sport in the form of surf life saving. I also wear shorts all year round.

Profile picture of jc2016

28 / Man / Single

Hi everyone my name is jay. I am 27 and I have a B.A. in Communication and I am going to be going to grad school in September this year. I was diagnosed with Asperger's a couple years ago so the Aspie world is new to me and I am...

Profile picture of Zachbernie

18 / Man / Single

Hi my name is Zacharia bernie. I am autistic but on the very low spectrum side. I would like to meet someone that hopefully shares the same interests as me. I am outgoing, I love my music. I would like to get out more and do more activities.

Profile picture of Happytobeme

42 / Woman / Single

Hi. I am new here and would like to make friends.I know my profile sais I am 6 feet tall but I am 5 foot 10. I tried to fix it but I couldn’t.The option for 5 10 was not there.Looking to acquire some new friends here!

Profile picture of Rogue_Kaspar

28 / Genderfluid / Single

twitter: karlina_rbg

Profile picture of Jakelord

26 / Man / Single

I like video games and want someone who like video games. Also l  live with my mom

Profile picture of TimC

32 / Man / Single

My name is Tim. I’m an air breather from mars here to find intelligent life on earth…. oops we made a mistake! LOL! But seriously, I am easygoing guy that likes to have fun.

Profile picture of technews

45 / Man / Single

I've never been diagnosed. I think I'm on the spectrum, but not sure. I like traveling and red wine.

Profile picture of AlanRabbit

27 / Man / Single

I have alot of ambitions that I’m working towards but life gets lonely so I’m here in hopes I can find friends, specifically folks who care and are unique individuals that see the world for what it is but can challenge it with their own perspective. I love spending time...

Profile picture of Harliequin

25 / Woman / Single

I have aspergers

Profile picture of tinabon

62 / Woman / Single

just went through a major depression...but looking for friends..

Profile picture of MathKat

41 / Woman / Single

I'm new here.  I'm an accountant.

Profile picture of Scott

20 / Man / Single

I am currently looking for a friendship, where we can have fun going to the movies, talking, or just chatting on-line.

Profile picture of Helen.A.

45 / Woman / Single

Monumental artist, gallerist.

Profile picture of Jtink

24 / Man / Single

These things always get me. "Describe yourself." Really? What part of me, there's like a hundred different things I could say and they are all accurate. Also I like cats.

Profile picture of Matthew

23 / Man / Single

I’m extremely shy! I love Nintendo, surfing the internet and I love taking long walks. My sister is my best friend but I would like to have more friends. Please message me if your interested  in having a new online friend.  

Profile picture of heathenbreathinfire

35 / Man / Single

Aspiring Aspie Game Designer seeks intelligent and close companionship from compatible woman with genuine interest in me, and hopefully shares some interests as well. I am weird and quirky, my tastes in my fields of interest, such as music and games, are very eclectic, but I still do have a...

Profile picture of Senvoler

27 / Woman / Single

I am petite, short, have green eyes, am brunette, shy, introverted, sarcastic, facetious, sometimes a smart ass, sometimes a deep thinker, but still grounded. I like round-a- bouts, but hate four way stops. I'm random and scatter-brained at times, and other times I'll rock your...

Profile picture of Inquisitive

26 / Man / Single

I like live music, movies, comedies and history.  I am a little on the shy side, so it would be nice to be with someone who understands that.  I love watching politics, especially now!  I would value someone that I could be friends with initially, then if something grows out...

Profile picture of edsuriel97

20 / Man / Single

I like to watch movies and enjoy drawing and bike riding.

Profile picture of mikael

41 / Man / Single

Profile picture of papaBear

40 / Man / Single

I am a nut, no scratch that... everybody else is nutz, I'm the only sane person around. Sure, that makes me different and I like it that way. Because I've allways been different. If others can't cope with that, I move on. Or maybe they do, result is the same....

Profile picture of LifeCoachKristen

47 / Woman / Married

Hello. My name is Kristen and I am actually a Life Coach helping Aspie's like yourselves.  I am not here to sell my business but to learn.  My first client was an Aspie gentleman, and he taught me as much as I taught him. I still see him weekly.  I...

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Michael ricco

21 / Man / Single

I'm trying this site out to see if I can meet people.  I'd like to get out more and maybe find a relationship.  I love music and video games,  and I play the piano a lot.

Profile picture of DirCat

48 / Man / Widowed

I am a SWM living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I have a full time job as a computer programmer. Since my father was in the US Air Force, I grew up as a military brat. In addition, I joined the Air Force after high school for a 4-year tour. I’ve lived in...

Profile picture of Erik

32 / Man / Single

I'm very close with my family.   They're very supportive.  I'm told I am goodhearted.   I'm in apprenticeship program learning a skilled trade and will be finished in the near future.   I hope to find a woman that understands and appreciates me.

Profile picture of Vacilandor

54 / Man / Single

I am searching for that special woman who will be life's companion.

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29 / Woman / Single


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Artist In Chains

40 / Man / Single

An intelligent, spiritual, creative, unique Aspie artist.

Profile picture of Justin

24 / Man / Single

I’m a musician, writer, and gamer.  Though I mainly work on music.  I was diagnosed with aspergers when I was 11. I’m into video editing.  I watch mainly comedies, horror, scifi. Feel free to ask more questions.  It seriously won’t bother me if someone asks me questions about anything.

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38 / Man / Single

New user, will fill in shortly

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23 / Man / Single

I like to play video games and watch amines or movies as well as read books. I also like to browse the internet for certain things and information. My favorite video games are sonic the hedgehog, Uncharted series, batman arkham, the tomb raider remake , resident evil series ,the evil...

Profile picture of Aaron148

21 / Man / Single

I'm a laid back person just looking for someone who truly understands me for who I really am. feel this is the best place to try find that! 

Profile picture of Karmen Francisco
Karmen Francisco

36 / Woman / Single

Life is short, I don’t want to sweat the small stuff. Wanna work hard, play hard and enjoy life with the people I care about and care about me. I am also comfortable being a homebody. I am patient, open-minded, sometimes funny, sarcastic and a caring person. I like movies,...

Profile picture of Small Stuff
Small Stuff

45 / Woman / Single

Hello! I have been single for a while now but am ready to start a new relationship. I am a fun and usually easy going person. My hobbies include art, photography, creative writing, reading and learning new stuff. I like to be outdoors a lot and have recently got an...

Profile picture of AspieTiger

31 / Man / Single

30 year old sensitive man, with a passion for improving the world around me - Cycling, the technology, it's applications and green vehicle technology (particularly e-bikes) are all part of my passions/obsessions. Whether it is thinking through a new idea, getting on my trusty two-wheeled steed just to volunteer 'saving...

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Caleb Rayne Miller

19 / Man / Single

I'm unemployed and enjoy cooking and fashion.

Profile picture of Sunchild

52 / Man / Separated

I am an honest, hard working family man. When I'm not working, I love variety from going out to relaxing in. I am clean and have manners  and prefer to enjoy the outdoors when I can.

Things I like in others:

Kindness, Honesty, Acceptance, Playfulness, Passion...

Profile picture of Jonathan90

27 / Man / Single

Hello! My name is Jonathan and I am a 26 year old aspie.  I live in Central Florida and I enjoy movies, music and sports.  I currently work at a local movie theater and my goal is to one day be a computer animator at Pixar.  Some of my "socially...

Profile picture of Max Rose-White
Max Rose-White

20 / Man / Single

My name is Max, i am 18 and currently living in Portland Oregon. I would like to meet somebody who understands what is like having mild Aspergers.

Profile picture of Sonny

22 / Man / Single

Hello, I am Steven. I am 20 years old, 200 pounds, 6 foot 10 inches tall. I am currently attending college at California State University San Bernardino and studying my passion mathematics. My interests are cycling, cooking, hanging out with friends, and video games. I am looking for a friendship...

Profile picture of Van Ryals
Van Ryals

22 / Man / Single

Hello, my name is Van. I am a person with Aspergers Syndrome. I see Aspergers as a gift rather than a sickness. It can be difficult at times, but  I wouldn't give it up for the world. I am into anime and video games as well as some TV shows....

Profile picture of conorc123

25 / Man / Single

Il do this later lol

Profile picture of Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn

19 / Non-binary / Single

I am an actor/musician/producer/owner for my own company Narada Productions. I am going to start training to do my own stunts in my own English adaptation of Dengeki Sentai Changeman. I am 18 and I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Profile picture of Steel8290

27 / Man / Single

Hello! My name is Jake and i'm a Custodian for Owen J Roberts.I am a Christian and have been for most of my life.Looking for someone that puts God in the center of things and likes to do some of the things I do.

Profile picture of Calen

44 / Woman / Single

Hello 🙂  I am a gay woman in touch with my masculinity but not overly masculine, i am looking for a gay woman and also open to dating a Trans man. Needs to be someone who appreciates peace and quiet, however apart from my sensitivity to noise, i am pretty easy going...

Profile picture of Drew

30 / Man / Single

I am  socialable and friendly looking for a young lady that is the same. I like Disney movies, Collecting Disney figures, drawing, games, riding my bike,walking, talking on the phone, malls. I love animals (I have a dog) & swimming  ,and the shore.I am also an understanding person. Able to...

Profile picture of Normal.Rob

23 / Man / Single

I’m Rob and I do it all ?  

Profile picture of Dylan Burton
Dylan Burton

19 / Man / Single

I sing and play guitar in a punk rock band called Unwired Society. My favourite bands are Green Day, Angels and Airwaves, The Clash, Ramones and Blink 182. My favourite TV shows are Knight Rider, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead, my favourite superheroes are Spider-Man and Batman. I study level...

Profile picture of jcdowns

29 / Man / Single

- still believe in the old fashioned respect for your friends and elders,being polite don't take any effort- be a role model to kids, seems like today the adults are more immature then the kids are

Profile picture of Jared Cohen
Jared Cohen

30 / Man / Single

I like shopping music and technology. I'm very personable

Profile picture of Mastermind

19 / Man / Single

I  have slight autism and a severe ADHD. I like action movies. I am an avid gamer and have been since I was little. I like fighting, racing and FPS games. I like to animate with some of the many different stick figures I’ve made up. My fav food is pizza. I can be...

Profile picture of double-helix

20 / Man / Single

An aspie "gamer", artist, and budding pianist. Musical interests vary from Smooth Jazz - Experimental Hip-hop (like Death Grips). I'm slowly learning how to socialize and everyday is kind of stressful but a little exciting.

Profile picture of SillyLittleThing

21 / Woman / Single

I am a fun and sociable 20 year old (once you get to know me) who has a lot of love to give.

Profile picture of lomt483

23 / Man / Single

I am majoring in Accounting at the University of Toledo. In my free time, I like to watch sports and spend time on my social media accounts. I love animals, and I have both dogs and cats.

Profile picture of Robuste

23 / Man / Single

Profile picture of MustLikeFreckles

46 / Woman / Divorced

I can be goofy and overly independent but also overly serious or craving the company of someone with whom to hash out ideas. I am relatively well-educated, and work in higher education, but I’m not a STEM person. One of my greatest joys is being in the midst of researching a...

Profile picture of Justlookingaround

32 / Man / Single

Just signed up here

Profile picture of JuanP

21 / Man / Single

I am a very friendly person looking to find someone who i can have a conversation with and for a good friend.

Profile picture of JuanP

21 / Man / Single

  • I am a very friendly person looking to find someone who i can have a conversation with and for a good friend.

Profile picture of GAZ

37 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Jakelord32

26 / Man / Single

I live with my mom and like animals

Profile picture of Manveru

29 / Man / Single

Profile picture of ian-0517

31 / Man / Single

Hello, I'm Ian. I am a good-natured and somewhat eccentric guy in the Pacific Northwest. I live in my own apartment and I like the comforts in life like daily walks, drawing, and gaming. I'm a realist who loves fiction in the forms of film, animation, and some graphic novels,...

Profile picture of Capt stewbing
Capt stewbing

33 / Man / Single

I am a fun loving individual that loves to work on his house when I am home and not overseas for work I love to go to movies and go to new restaurants and just catch up on sports if you want to know me feel free to ask 

Profile picture of MattGo

23 / Man / Single

I am kind of shy.  I love listening to all types of music and watching movies - mainly comedies. I enjoy hanging with family and friends.  I would love to meet someone to share that with.

Profile picture of Kat-123

24 / Woman / Single

I recently moved from Sydney for work. I'm an analyst in insurance. I love trance, yoga and dancing.

Profile picture of Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones

20 / Man / Single

I am caleb I'm 19 i just graduate from high school and I'm trying to be a video game designer or filming at a community college.My hobbies are playing video games,tennis,cats,and listening to music.

Profile picture of Justin M.Underwood
Justin M.Underwood

28 / Man / Single

I am generous,patient,outgoing,I'm living life the fullest. I enjoy going to church. I enjoy working @ a part-time job & meet new people. I'm looking for a special girl and I'm looking for someone to date with.

Profile picture of Ray

43 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Charles

22 / Man / Single

In school for automotive technology I enjoy playing video games watching racing TV building cars and other things

Profile picture of Lugray

21 / Man / Single

I'm a very relaxed, down-to-earth guy who doesn't have many goals in life at the moment, and am looking for someone that can relate to that.

Profile picture of Nowar Wardia
Nowar Wardia

26 / Man / Single

I am a high functioning Autistic Adult that is a part time student and is  currently unemployed

Profile picture of Laura

30 / Woman / Single

I'm single for 3years i like all animals im fun bubbly kind caring loving i live alone I love singing dancing swimming and art  

Profile picture of Sian

29 / Woman / Single

Hi, I'm Sian. I'm looking to connect with other aspies online after being recently diagnosed.

Profile picture of Joseph

28 / Single

I like to think of myself as a nice guy. I have a tendency to be somewhat shy and a little nervous around people.  I enjoy conversing and getting to know others. I'm an Art student.

Profile picture of Alice_Fire

39 / Genderfluid / Single

Art as a profession Optimistic nihilist Louise Belcher is my patronus I will beat you at scrabble Witty I am taller than you Savvy Godless/atheist I do not sports Anti-trump Cannabis Connoisseur Gender nonbinary Blunts Progressive politics Minimalist Pedestrian/don't drive Nonjudgmental Colorful language I do not shoot guns Intense Intersectional Feminism Graffiti Inked Animal rights Lgbtq Retro gaming The 90's Kind Macabre Live shows Sensitive poet Bizarre Secure Unpolished Magical

Profile picture of Backintown1

26 / Man / Single

25 years old. Central NJ. Simple guy looking for a simple girl.

Profile picture of SomeRandomGuy

30 / Man / Single

No matter what I am labeled as, I will always be the same thing deep down: A person.  I have emotions.  I have things I enjoy, as well as things I don't.  Sure, life may be different for me than for what most people consider 'normal' but I live my...

Profile picture of Jamel Flunory
Jamel Flunory

21 / Man / Single

I love going to work and playing my video games and going out to restaurants and hanging out with my family

Profile picture of Rachel

29 / Woman / Single

I’m a woman who is seeking a long-term relationship.  I’m kind and gentle, and highly intelligent, and I’m seeking somebody who shares those qualities.    I tend to be serious, but I also have a surprising sense of humor.

Profile picture of DS82

36 / Man / Single

Profile picture of marylandpoet

18 / Single

Baltimorean poet and blogger. Published on Teen Ink, with four articles winning the Editors Choice Award, and Teen Ink’s October 2016 magazine edition featured my article “Less Than Human”. Literary Arts Review has featured some of my nature poetry. I’ve also been published four times on SpillWords. Creative Writing aside,...

Profile picture of Audrey

33 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of Loman Howard wilson
Loman Howard wilson

24 / Man / Single

I am a small town boy that moved into the big city. I am a kind loving guy. I enjoy fishing, hunting, riding horses, riding four wheelers, go carts and dirt bikes. To me god comes first and Everything else comes after. I am really close to my family and...

Profile picture of Bronson

21 / Man / Single

I am 20 years old. Born and raised in Alabama, USA. I plan to make a career in the US Air Force. I'm not really sure what else to put here, haha. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Profile picture of Ina

25 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of Emile

27 / Man / Single

Hi, Doing my PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry at the moment. I am looking for a pleasant woman who is independent and not too needy so that I can have a nice balance between my work and potential new home-life.    

Profile picture of Dylan Hansen
Dylan Hansen

24 / Man / Single / Rexburg

Profile picture of Kaspie

38 / Man / Living together

Hi, just arrived here. Would be nice to meet other aspies, or people who are familiar with the diagnose. I am in an open relationship at the moment. Me and my partner live together, but we both accept that we see other people. Hope to hear from you..  

Profile picture of Susie London
Susie London

56 / Woman / Divorced

Bright optimistic easy going music loving tall full figured woman ready for an emotionally available, localish living reliable solvent partner to enjoy less wprk more fun/semi retirement with (phew long sentence!) Jazz Soul and world music are favorites. Anything by Miles Davis or Gregory...

Profile picture of Joel

41 / Man / Separated

Soy una persona muy seria. Tranquilo y amable. Me gusta tener conversaciones inteligentes. Ciencia, tecnología, psicología, filosofía. Me gusta ver películas y navegar en internet. Soy muy poco sociable pero puedo conversar y bromear con quien me inspire confianza. Los ruidos y las discusiones me pueden alterar. Me gustaría tener...

Profile picture of ana allen
ana allen

23 / Woman / Single

Hi my name is Ana. I am currently enrolled in college. I enjoy taking walks, writing listening to music and volunteering. I like social events like a tour to DC or going to the mall and movies. I am very open minded and outspoken.

Profile picture of Cymbal1

29 / Man / Single

I'm pretty quiet and reserved at first but once you get to know me I come out of my shell. I'm an artist at heart. I love making music and art.

Profile picture of Dylan

20 / Man / Single

I’m a bit shy at first but I’ll open up as I get to know you, I’m a very arty person and I love music anime and cooking

Profile picture of pastelhippie

29 / Woman / Single

Looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. Trying to move to SF permanently and would be appreciative if someone wouldn't mind me living with them for a small compensation as I find employment. Have two cats. Physically disabled as well. Wheelchair user with some walking ability. SIs...

Profile picture of Veitch William Pyle
Veitch William Pyle

25 / Man / Single

My names will, im currently an aircraft mechanic with american airlines and i also do competitive shooting in my spare time along with some gunsmithing. Im easy going and always looking to have a good time, im also an avid pc gamer and complete star wars nerd.  

Profile picture of Peter

43 / Man / Single

Hello my name is Peter & I live in Norwich UK in my own flat on benifits with help from surrport worker's.

I am looking for dates & freinds. I can drive & have access to my parents cars so traveling to other parts of the UK...

Profile picture of Volksmania

39 / Man / Single

My name is PJ from Ireland.  I am 38 years old.  I haven’t been diagnosed with aspergers but I can identify with a lot of aspie traits so I think it may be possible that I am on the spectrum.  I have never had a girlfriend except for a short...

Profile picture of Joshy10

21 / Man / Single

I am a Sporty Person who loves to meet new and lovely people.

Profile picture of Hecate

63 / Woman / Prefer not to say

A juicy crone, looking for companions as I enter my third age.  Getting wise, having fun, not pretending to be NT.

Profile picture of Rowdy

20 / Man / Single

Hello my name is Rowdy and I am looking to meet new people and make friends ,I live  in Texas and am a Anime collector .

Profile picture of rlo37

38 / Man / Single

looking for others that understand my "weirdness"

Profile picture of Taylor.exe

20 / Man / Single

I usually describe myself as a nerd; though, here that seems unnecessary. I fear it wouldn't cause me to stand out here as much as it does else where. I go to school at the local community college, and I work to pay for my living expenses. If you have...

Profile picture of Kyleisawesome27

30 / Man / Single

Hey Im Kyle I am searching for a Aspie girl who is interesting

Profile picture of B

48 / Woman / Single

Mmm mm

Profile picture of Cooldex1

25 / Man / Single

I have Aspergers. I like watching youtube videos, using the internet, reading about science and watching science, cartoons, and videogames. I like cartoons. I like some movies. I really like the movie, Inside Out. I used to learn about outer space.

Profile picture of andy

23 / Man / Single

I am a v3ry active 21 year old man who has just finished my Audio Enginnerring degree. I love to hike , bike ride, movies, swimming, going out for coffee, music festivals.

Profile picture of Jacob

22 / Single

I’d say I’m a deep thinker, I like to stare up at the sky and think about the unknown, because it both terrifies and makes me feel elated, I also love to read and I’m a bit of a movie buff  

Profile picture of Jacob

22 / Man / Single

I’d say I’m a deep thinker, I like to stare up at the sky and think about the unknown, because it both terrifies and makes me feel elated, I also love to read and I’m a bit of a movie buff  

Profile picture of heygaiz

49 / Questioning / Single

Profile picture of Jason Todd
Jason Todd

19 / Man / Single

My name is Jason Todd. I am eighteen years of age, going on nineteen. I'm a fairly easygoing person, lest someone pisses me off. My current place of residence is Palm Springs, California. I am looking for a woman, preferrably between ages eighteen and twenty-five, to form a romantic partnership...

Profile picture of Brooke

31 / Woman / Single

Just a girl looking for friends and to expand my social network.   I recently learned I was autistic.    

Profile picture of Proteus

39 / Man / Single

I've lived in LA for a while.  I love the thrill of making connections and getting things to work.  And I've traveled a decent amount so I've gotten to see how folks in other countries live life.

Profile picture of Jeffsham

19 / Man / Single

Hello my name is Jeff I like playing video games listen to classic rock music and I like to hang out even though I'm really shy HMU?

Profile picture of Brad barcia
Brad barcia

35 / Man / Single

I love cars , and working on things and learning. I try to get something accomplished each day, and love to learn new skills. Im intelligent and i can carry a conversation well. I work as a caregiver for the elderly,  i believe in helping people and being honest and...

Profile picture of Simon

23 / Man / Single

I have a great sense of humor and love making people laugh. I am a sensitive and caring person and I love to make people smile. I am also romantic and I love animals. I prefer a nice night indoors, cuddling on the couch and watching a good movie or...

Profile picture of Julie

19 / Woman / Single

I am sweet and kind I love music and I'm a cartoon artist . I'm looking for a sweet happy boyfriend.

Profile picture of MRJOELR

29 / Man / Single

I like art, crafts, music, and learnng. i am usually embroiled in a hobby. I’m a tinkerer and like fixing things.

Profile picture of Bora Can Asli
Bora Can Asli

19 / Man / Single

Hello. I’m Bora, an 18-year old (I’ll turn 19 this year) from Turkey. I’m studying Greek language and literature at Istanbul University. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2004.

Profile picture of trainguy

37 / Man / Single