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    I thought off making a new topic where you can tell how you stim.


    Let’s kick this topic off with my own stims…

    1- My most common stim, my public stim, is the one where I rub my index fingers and thumbs together. I do this usually while my hand is closed while rubbing the sides of my index fingers in a circular motion with my thumbs.I also flick my thumb along all fingers inside my slightly closed hand.
    2- I wobble my legg free-hanging leg while I sit cross legged.
    3- I wobble with my foot on the floor.
    4- I rock forth and back on a chair. That soothes me most. I do this in public too when things get too much for me.
    5- I tend to smell my fingers or the side of my hand (I know it is weird) but it centers me. I do this a lot when I have been in the sun and when it smells of melanin and I remember also doing this when I was small…

    I probably have more…

    What are your stims?


    – Have Legos in my office to fiddle with when I start to get anxious. Legos also help with context switching between projects.

    – Carry a small piece of strong, pleasantly scented soap to put under my nose if smells are too strong, like when someone cooks with garlic or onions.

    – Paint my nails so I don’t pick or chew at them too much as stimming.

    – Rock and hum and pat myself gently, super classic and totally natural from babies to elderly, NT and ND, any and all humans.


    I knead my feet 100% of the time and always having some level of friction happening


    My most common stim is some kind of weird form of delayed echolalia. It’s less “repeating things I’ve heard” – though that’s a part of it! – and more “talking in an endless stream of conscious thought”. Sometimes it helps me clear my head and makes me less anxious and tense. But it tends to get on everyone’s nerves.


    – Feeling the tips of my fingers
    – Bending my knees slightly which makes my body pop up and down a bit.
    – Feeling my top lip with my bottom lip
    – Feeling my eyebrows in a very particular way
    – Pushing up on my foot that makes my knee bounce and move in various ways
    – Feeling the back of my head and how the grains of the short hairs are oriented (I keep the hair on the sides of my head short for this reason)


    How would you feel about getting to know me.


    When I got anxious, I liked picking off dead skin from my elbows and the back of my legs. (I don’t like using body lotion so I usually end up having very dry spots on my body: not a big fan of sticky skin products) Not sure whether that is a kind of stimming or not. Some experts may say it is a form of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (Don’t quote me on that. I googled it and got weirded out by the term.) I do it less these days.
    I am not trying to be weird: When my brain is experiencing extreme sensory overload, I will feel dissociated (Brain Fog) and my brain is going on on an auto-pilot mode. I can still go on with my life and act and sound normal. Yeah, I am just that good at masking. But deep down inside, I know I feel very uncomfortable in my skins and emotionally I am numb. The stage is always trigged by stress.

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