I’m lonely

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    Hi everyone:

    Put simply I need a hand to hold and lots of hugs. I’m rather lonely sadly does anyone else get extremely lonely if they don’t have physical contact?


    I feel your pain.


    Thanks for the understanding and! Big thumbs up to you. *air hugs* (if that’s ok with you)


    Hugs are good.

    jitendra mazee

    Hey man, i can understand and feel your feelings. I am also alone and i have already crossed my 33 years of my life and now i really need someone who love me, treat me like i am all her completely. I am also seeking some tips which can really help me in finding a match for me. Reading http://bit.ly/dtgtips for getting some help.


    I need a hug




    Hugs for everybody! Eat beggie, change energy.

    Loves Ferraris

    Sending hugs

    Blue Pencil

    You certainly aren’t the only one!

    I spend an amusingly alarming amount of time thinking ‘I would trade away all my earthly possessions for a hug right now’; I usually end up trying to suppress the neediness a bit by drawing or reading shipfic and imagining myself in it.

    Voice Nerd

    I have a stuffed animal I hug. Poor worn out Elephant. Keeps me company, though. Doesn’t get offended by anything I say. Great listener!


    One of my roommates and I cuddled once when we were both drunk and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I never knew how good it feels to make physical contact with someone.


    personally, i am not into hugs apart from when i am romantically involved with a partner.
    Then i love them.

    I always find hugging men very difficult, especially if the men hug me more than for a second.
    feels like their getting something sexual or perverse out it, like their getting an erection.
    Kind of creeps me out.

    Yere, one of my quirks, perhaps i would be more successful in dating (or at creeping people out)
    if i hugged woman more.
    But i don’t do that either, as like i say, only hug romantic partners.

    SO spend a fair amount of time without hugs. can’t say i feel that i miss that much.
    Although when i do not have a girl friend, can get lonely and can do with a part time lover (like Micheal Jackson’s song, or
    man needs a made, like Neil Young’s song).

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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