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    I am 58 and on POF and get lots of responses, mostly “you have a beautiful smile” but it’s all small talk and no one want to meet in person. How can you tell if you are attracted to someone without meeting them and seeing how they move or smell? What I really want to say in those boring chats is, “Let’s meet and I’ll see if you gross me out. If not, then perhaps we can get to know each other. Otherwise, forget it.” I do hope this site here continues to grow. Seems to have real people on it.


    Yeah, tinder is a Meat market, match was dead and POF has a high man to women ratio I’ve heard! Which resulted in being spammed with lots of messages. I’m about to give up I think!! Lots of lies and emotionally unavailable men has been my experience!!


    I’ve tried other dating sites (Plenty of Fish, Zoosk), with not so great luck. The main problem I think has been communication skills, it’s hard when people pick up that you struggle with small talk, or they have some preconceived notion that you aren’t interesting. Liking what I see from this site so far, I only wish it was more active.


    I find Tinder overwhelming and too much to keep up with and feel like it tends to be geared more towards just hooking up which I’m starting to want to get to know people better before just doing things right off of the bat. I’ve noticed people on this site have more interesting bios and personality than other sites I’ve been on which I like – physical attraction is important but I put common interests and personality first and foremost and also I guess I don’t have to worry so much about seeming strange to that person or being misunderstood as we’re both on the spectrum and perhaps in the same boat in some aspects. 🙂


    I’ve tried a few.
    I really wish that there were
    an aspbergers dating site that isn’t
    A) filled with fake accounts and catfishing
    B) a moneymaking scam


    I gave up a long time ago, too. Now I started to try again, but I don’t know what to do. I set up my profile, and added some friends, but what’s next? Is there a next, but no one has decided to do that next thing with me, because of things in my profile they don’t like? So now I’m back where I always am, confused, frustrated, powerless, and hurt. And I want to erase my profile, but can’t even figure out how to do that.


    i did try tinder a few months ago. but i kept getting girls that liked me but i could not see them or interact with them. its so dumb. why does it have to cost money just to see girls that are interested or even to talk to them. now tonight i decided to try this. but i see that i cant even message anyone without paying. i dont know what to do anymore.


    I’ve tried them all out.. the thing I struggle with the most is that I get bored easily and legit everyone I’ve matched with is just so boring and lacks personality. Not only that but I’m more of an interactive talker so a lot of the time texting is part of the problem.. I just feel video chats or phone calls are perfect to get to know someone , I can understand their tone .. sometimes I just don’t get texting language


    Voice Nerd said:

    and no one want to meet in person. How can you tell if you are attracted to someone without meeting them and seeing how they move or smell? What I really want to say in those boring chats is, “Let’s meet and I’ll see if you gross me out. If not, then perhaps we can get to know each other. Otherwise, forget it.”

    I so agree! What is the f***ing problem with just meeting to see how the meeting goes in real life. It’s no commitment and afterwards you still can go back to getting to know each other better by writing and phoning without meeting again for some time, if that is desired.

    I do understand that one wants to write a bit back and forth and maybe have a video conversation before and not have a complete “blind date”. But after having exchanged some important basics, one just sets oneself up for disappointment by waiting longer with a meeting because you will get more and more used to the image of the other person which you created in your head and which has only partially anything to do with the truth.

    However, it does get more complicated, the farther away people live from each other. I have not found a real solution for that.

    Regards, sb10


    I tried what must be close to 20 years ago now. It seemed to be peopled with individuals who were in a hurry to find out what was wrong with you so they could continue their search for Mr or Ms Perfect. It was icky. Also tried eharmony after that. I think they gave me like 2 referrals. Didn’t meet anyone. The only thing I like better about than this site are the search criteria. They’d let you search by practically anything. (Though I thought it very weird that anyone would want to search by eye color, for example!)


    It was on where someone suggested that I might be affected by Asperger’s. She saw herself in the spectrum and had an official diagnosis. So, this could be a site, where understanding people could be found. However, it is not a dedicated aspie-site. So maybe just write in your description that you are looking for other Aspies or Aspie-friendly people. In general my impression is that people there are more understanding and friendly than on other single-sites.


    In my 30s, I did try OKcupid a couple of times; however, I didn’t know how to start a conversation, and I never even had the courage to message anyone back then. I did try adultfriendfinder once when I was 29 (bad mistake, folks! I’m sorry!), only to find out the hard way that I am a relationship type of person, not a wham bam thank you man type; there needs to be a deeper connection there for true happiness. I will not make that mistake again. There was also a dating site I was a part of for a while; I cannot remember the name of it, but that didn’t work for the same reason as OKcupid. Perhaps better luck now? Who knows. I only hope that anyone here finds true love or a valuable friendship that could make that person happier. Thanks for reading. 🙂


    i dont even get to the chating stage all i get is you are too wierd or you metal sta it too fuked for me


    yup I over the years I tried alot some better that others. the first was Eharmony when I was 22 and all there was people 50+ back then online day was only for old people o the time have changed lol also the usual suspects Tinder which is more for meaningless sex though I did have a few nice dates from there a few years ago but it unusual to find someone who want to date of there. The next was Pof it slightly better that tinter alot more people looking for relationships I though I meet that women of my dreads a well it was nice while it lasted. Ok cupid was on it for a bit no luck a few conversations i forgot my password lol as for ASD dating sites thing and are the only ones I know of not much on autisicdating it hard to get a response from anyone I send over 500 messages since the last year I’ve been on it on only one person responded a lovely women but not spark or connection. I find it hard to believe there isn’t more ASD people where we all live I sure there are either they are shy about their condition or due to noting having a regional ASD dating sites.


    I tried tinder and happy matches.

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