Anyone celebrate a special day or holiday?

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    So I was curious. I am from Mexico and here the upcoming special day is November 2nd. It’s the day to celebrate and remember the life of our dead. It is most commonly celebrated by people in the south of Mexico when compared to the north. It does get pretty hectic in the downtown area what with the selling of flowers and sugar skulls and other items used for the celebration.

    From what I understand, people create altars with either 3 or 7 levels and they place them on the floor or a table. Colored paper, sugar candy skulls, toys, drinks and food are also placed as offerings for the deceased. Chrysanthemums are used as a walkway to the altar along with candles. Not to forget, pictures of deceased family or friends are placed which serve as the invitation to the home for that special day.

    I have always found this holiday very beautiful and I am finally having a go at joining in. After the terrible earthquakes my people endured a long with the systematic killing of the people by the government and their cartels, I want to invite and remember those whose lives were lost.

    I’m not going to be super elaborate but I will have at least one flower and I want to make some cookies. I believe that the intention will be good despite not having all the elaborate things others usually do. I mean, all my dead relatives were buried in other countries or towns. I cannot visit a cemetery and in some cemeteries, there are giant holes that some people have fallen in. Also there are a lot of people visiting their dead and sharing a meal and I don’t think I can handle so much noise and people.

    Anyone care to share a special day and how you celebrate it in your part of town?


    Only if I can’t avoid it. 😉 2 nov sounds heavy stuff. I think I would try to become invisible, which seems pretty in tune with the theme. 😉


    Same here. I went to buy some flowers downtown and it was pretty difficult. So many folks and very little sidewalk. But I managed to do it and I felt rather proud. I think that if you want to partake in something then you can simply modify things to not be so uncomfortable. For example, I don’t participate in the independence day celebrations because of the fireworks, music, smells, and noise. Same thing for New Year’s Eve. Even the parties at work, I manage to weasel my way out of them.


    My favorite holiday right now is still Halloween. I don’t care how old I am, I will never pass up the opportunity to have an excuse to sit around in a costume and gorge on candy. Of course, I don’t go door to door for it anymore. 😆 But that’s fine by me since I have a job and can certainly afford my own custom stash! 😀😀😀


    nah, not really as I don’t see the value in any of them.

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