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My goal was always friendship. I read a lot of articles, book sections, and even watched lots of videos related to human behaviour. Stand up comedians taught me a lot about what are the strange rules and behaviour patterns on NT people. I just learned to mimic. Making friends is still difficult with NT people because they lie a lot and make promises they don’t want to keep. They most often have no honor in their word. This time I want to make at least a friend that is from my planet. I mean, someone or more than just one who doesn’t mind being brutally honest and straightforward.
I must say that my fiance and I met via a social site which can also be used as a dating site. We started talking because he found my profile funny. I just had “Hi, I’m Son Goku and you are reading this in my voice.” We talked for hours and days before he jokingly asked me to be his wife and I said yes. He was shocked at my quick response but was elated. We have been together for a little over 2 years now.
I still want to make friends without having the “romance thing” being an issue. I think if you find someone who you can have more than a friendship that’s pretty cool, but I already found my potato man. I just want friends.

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