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Hi 6strings,

Well, I have no advice. I have no suggestions. What I have done in my life has forced me to communicate with others and keep my anxiety problems in check without medication. But anyway, something that helped me improve my communication skills and talk to other humans was the job I still have. I came back to my country and needed a job. I stumbled on getting a job as a teacher. I basically forced myself to be in front of people. What helped me cope apart from the need to get a paycheck was watching a lot of stand up comedians. I must admit, I am an amazing chameleon and I do mimic behaviour to help me establish an initial connection. Though, my natural traits do show up and it does make people uncomfortable so I just walk around with the “flag” of being a nasty or mean person. This minimizes the backlash when I say things that are not filtered which would normally be filtered by someone who is NT. I did have to leave a job because of my aspie brain once.
Also, there was a time where I used online games to help me communicate with others. I so force myself to talk to others even if this feeling comes in waves. I had an NT friend once but I realized that I hated the way he behaved. I found him and his choices eventually disgusting and vile so I had to end the friendship or what at least I called friendship. Now I am interested in making new friends apart from my boyfriend. He has many friends and I would like to have some too.

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