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Spencer David

A Little about myself….


My Name is Spencer. I am from New Jersey, but, I also spend my time abroad in the Cayman islands. I am an independent screenwriter (of Both TV & Features). Currently, I am a student, working towards a paralegal certificate. Through my Paralegal certification, I hope to forward myself towards my true career as an independent Screenwriter/Filmmaker. To be able to traveling the world making Entertainment in many different locals. I am a writer of Numberless Genres, (not mutually exclusive to one). Ever since I saw STAR WARS, at 4 or 5, I’ve been inspired to make movies. I am a ferocious reader and Film viewer (of numberless genres of both). I am a Lifelong lover and activist for/of animals. I am Little Shy but once you get to know me and I you, (the shyness slowly fades). I am looking for friendship, pen pals, and great conversation. If it feels or leads to Romance GREAT! 🙂

I am trying to find Friends with a few mutual similarities because it makes it things little easier (at least to start things off). Without being in the cold, not knowing a lot that allows for a connect to another person. I looking to make friends after closes friends left me behind, moving on. I want friends that can last, “if not forever”, for many many, many, many, many, many, more to years to come! Anyone else here: a writer, vegan, or both? Any favorite books, films, writers, writing, screenwriters? What are you currently watching reading etc?

Want to talk Entertainment (movies/tv, old & new), Screenwriting, Books, in general, History, and more. Looking forward to great conversations, possible friendships, and…possible Romance if it comes to that? I am currently reading: THE STAND by STEPHEN KING. Watching movies, No series at this moment, saw Dunkirk recently. Best WAR MOVIE I’ve seen. So true and realistic nearly brought me to tears with the true sense of the horror of war!

Some Favorite things: TUNER CLASSIC MOVIES (TV Station), Classic Movies/New Movies (the 30s onwards, Writing (Screenplays & TV Projects), Reading, Listening to (Music & Podcasts), Studying History, Watching TV (HBO, NETFLIX, AMAZON). Favorite Shows: MONK, PSYCH, POIROT, (to name a few). Youtubers (Boogie 2988, DAZ GAMES, Lessons from the screenplay etc.)

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