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Sorry to necro a thread.

The thing I find most hillareous about NTs lying and such is twofold, first as you all have mentioned they do it costantly, second they have all these facial ticks and hand wavings etc they do to try and distract each other as they do it.

I spend a long time in IT but never actually graduated college (no need to), however here recently I have returned to finish off my degree before taking a new research position. My advisor was trying to tell me that between my research, MCAT prep, running my lab etc etc he thought I was taking too many hours in my last 2 semesters. I could not help but laugh a bit as he tried to say it without saying it.

I finally said to him: Look lets be honest. I have asperger’s you need to just cut to the chase and say whatever it is you are tryign to say as opposed to looking like you are having facial spasms. You are not going to offend me, just say what you mean. And if you ever do offend me, don’t worry I will let you know that too.

They all do it though. I can never tell what they are trying to say exactly, I just know that what they are saying does not logically flow from the situation or their obvious discomfort.

Are we positive we are the ones that are “disabled”? It seems to me there is somethign broken in them if they need to constantly hide what they are saying.

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