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Hi yourself, I’m new here as well…

I have just recently been diagnosed, I’m 38 turning 39… I don’t cherish the fact that I have a diagnosis, but it have helped me to understand a lot of my previous years… It explains alot.

Having a diagnosis doesn’t solve anything( for me, that is…), but it sure have helped in understanding why I never fit in and why my response to the rest of the world and other people have been difficult.

I was kinda reluctant to get a diagnose, but now (3 weeks later) it’ve started to “sink in”. The diagnosis can be helpful in my everyday life, if just to have some way of explaining to the people around me that they can’t expect “normal” responses from me when I get a “meltdown”. Earlier this have been very hard, and have given me a lot of difficulties. In relationships, with friends and, most important, family.

My personal opinion would be to get diagnosed, but then again it’s your decision. It might have benefits, but also will probably have drawbacks… And as earlier stated, a diagnosis doesn’t solve anything. You have to cope with it all the same.


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