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When I got anxious, I liked picking off dead skin from my elbows and the back of my legs. (I don’t like using body lotion so I usually end up having very dry spots on my body: not a big fan of sticky skin products) Not sure whether that is a kind of stimming or not. Some experts may say it is a form of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (Don’t quote me on that. I googled it and got weirded out by the term.) I do it less these days.
I am not trying to be weird: When my brain is experiencing extreme sensory overload, I will feel dissociated (Brain Fog) and my brain is going on on an auto-pilot mode. I can still go on with my life and act and sound normal. Yeah, I am just that good at masking. But deep down inside, I know I feel very uncomfortable in my skins and emotionally I am numb. The stage is always trigged by stress.

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