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I suppose rejuvenating this thread might be in order. I joined recently. I spend a lot of time just thinking-when I go out places, and I’m alone, I try to balance my time on the phone (reading or talking) with good old pondering time. I actually came to an interesting conclusion, I think, judge me if you will. As a straight, white (my father is Cuban, but part Polish and my mother is Austrian so many people think I’m joking if I say I’m Hispanic) American male, I think I have about come to a limit or point where I have enough friends or have met enough people with those shared characteristics that I’m sort of ready to say, basta/enough. You could say that’s kind of bigoted. Shame on me for deciding I’m tired of poor straight, white guys who grew up in a suburb of LA, etc. I mean, the straightforward answer is that I’m looking for a woman who can be a partner, a comrade, a vora v lyubi (if you get what I mean by that, we could possibly rodstvennye dushi [one example where the Russian sounds worse than the English; I mean soulmates]. A good person. Intelligence matters, but I think more than that the interest in new knowledge is the most crucial thing to me. I used two Russian phrases because I think one of the simplest ways to meet these interests is sharing languages. I remember when I was twelve or thirteen that I would gladly learn Welsh for Catherine Zeta-Jones. It doesn’t have to be language, but some exchange of knowledge would be ideal.

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